A “surprise” couple….


This is Florence and Harv. They came home last night to us. There names they share with my maternal grandparents. I never knew grandpa Harv but my uncle junior always told me how proud he was of his team of mules. I felt the name fit and as they are a pair the names fit.

Harv is the smaller donkey. A very small mini jack or intact male donkey. We believe that Florence may already be bred or pregnant by Harv. Harvey is an in your pocket kind of donkey, very friendly and gently enough that 2 year old Tariq can lead him by himself. Florence is just slightly more standoffish but follows jack anywhere willingly(including into the back of my minivan to pooh on it. I have go to the carwash to clean the carpets finally.)

The happy couple will live in the pasture and at the barn with the horses and pig rather than in the backyard area with the goats and roosters and turkey. They may also do double time at joes with his sheep as guardians when the sheep are in the big pasture. But that’s still basically line of site from the back porch to the edge of that pasture.

A stressful adventure with some happy endings

I haven’t gotten around to introducing everyone yet involved in this story but it happened and I’ll tell it. Sherry and Bob are a mother/son baby pair. About 5 days ago baby goat bob went missing. We thought he went underneath the workshop and out through a small hole into the cold cruel world and got ett by a critter. I closed up access to the underside of the workshop except for a small hole that he could return thru if he was still alive.

This evening Dave went missing. I crawled the fence line checking for holes and it was tight. Then we went to our two neighbors who have goats to see if he had wandered over there and to ask if he did that they let us know. While at Johnny Daniels place they let us know that they had not seen him. They also gave us two new roosters. One young adult and one cockerel(somewhat older than a chick). In the fashion of the turtle man I am naming them John and Joe after Mary’s brothers. I have no pictures yet as it was dark and the adventure continued.

When we returned home and I was putting the roosters up in the chicken coop Nyoka looked under the workshop through the small hole. There was Dave as well as sherry. So a pulled a board out and Nyoka passed the goats out to me. Or more honestly, Nyoka would grab a goat and I would pull her out by her ankles while the goat screamed and hollered. But the goats are out, the hole is covered completely with metal and no more hiding goats. We are about to be dubbed goat Alcatraz.

Pictures and better description of John and Joe will come soon as well as an intro for sherry and bob.

Meet Dave and Lisa


Dave and Lisa are my first pair of goats. I got them at the Horse Cave Livestock Auction. Dave is a majorly sweet male little Boer Wether. Boer art meat goats. Dave will crawl up and lay in your lap for pets. Lisa is an alpine goat girl. She too is friendly but is more independent Thant Dave and loves to climb up on things like their picnic table and my back. They are likely to be big blog photo features. I named Lisa and Dave after my big sister and her husband. I hear the original Dave has to get after Lisa quite often for sitting on the dining room table too.

Meet Katie

Katie the goat

Why did I name my goat after my daughter Katie? Well Katie the goat is a Myotonic or fainting goat. Myotonic goats don’t actually faint they have seizures when are startled. No I do not have a video of it yet and doubt I will. After causing him to faint once I am convinced that you earn ten seconds in hell for each time you intentionally do so. And if you are slick. You caught that right. Katie the goat is a he. More accurately he is a weather, a “fixed” male. We named him Katie because Katie our daughter has epilepsy and we thought it fitting. She says it’s mean to the goat but I like it. Katie lives in our small backyard pasture with other mini goats, roosters, and a turkey. He is getting along fine and being loved well by the whole family. We got him from Amish Reuben that we haul wood to.

Meet Goetta


Goetta is our first and thus far only pig. As of right now she is intended to be an always pig here on SeeMe farm. No bacon in her future. She is a pot belly pig and is friendly enough to make the cut. Pardon the pun. She lives in the barn with horses and helps keep them in line at feeding time. She has free run of the farm but generally by choice stays right in or near the bar. We got her from our friend who we haul wood to, Amish little Andy. That’s what Amish Joe calls him anyhow.

Out of touch.. A sort of update and broken list of random thoughts.

Well, we obviously made it back from Jamaica. It’s just been so chaotic since then and with my computer being down I haven’t blogged. In no particular guaranteed order here are some updates and events.

The vacation was in my estimation da bomb. I loved it. Not every thing a total 100 but at least 98.

Nyoka broke her right wrist skateboarding. It was both the radius and the ulna. She had to have surgery and has a cast nearly to her armpit.

Steph is due by the end of the month with baby A.

Our Amish neighbor Ida is due two weeks ago so could pop any minute.

We got a new blue tin roof on the house.

I have recently developed a sickeningly sacharine romantically loving infatuation for my wife. It has to be annoying to her. I imagine it’s like having her own personal Steve Urkel.

Bob and Sherry came to visit and brought burgoo, Cincinnati chili, and goetta.

Doug came and brought Mathew, Alex, brookelyn, and their camper. He made us the ever desired Doug salsa too.

I was set apart today as a temple ordinance worker. This is so so so awesome. An honor and a blessing in one.

The water damage to the upstairs ceiling is a day away from being completely repaired. More Amish craftsmanship.

The kids go back to school in 3 weeks.

Tariq spazzes out when he hears his big sister Stephani’s voice and gets all excited to see her on FaceTime.

The word spazziest is built into my autocorrect.(go figure).