Barnyard math

When I arrived home from driving amish joe to some lumber buyers, Brontë informed me that my turkeys had gotten out and she had gotten all 3 of them back in the pen.

Count the turkeys.


Yes if you look closely you will see 6 turkeys. Not my original 3. My turkeys did not indeed get out. I am assuming that these were indeed Joe’s turkeys come to visit. Of course they are welcome to visit. T least as long as they display like this.

It’s hard to soar like an eagle…

I brought some new birds into the family today. I brought in a male and female turkey. The male is and was in his old home the Boss. Hence, I have named him Bruce, as in Springsteen. He is a more grey color than Jeff but displays magnificently. The female is Tewes after a very special one legged turkey in our hearts.





We also brought in 2 guinea keets. The adult I named Pipsquawk from an old cartoon due to hur unexpectedly strange misshapen head. The juvenile whit one I shall call Pipsqueak on account of he is smaller.

There were other critters. 4 male turkeys, 3 Peking ducks, and about 10 to fifteen chickens but those went to Joe’s. I could have had a couple roosters but I want to bring some hens in which means have to be controlling my rooster numbers, not increasing. So it was just my two pair for now and Bruce may go to Joe yet as he is here to teach Jeff to display.

I create something original

This is a bench for under the kids’ coat hooks. It’s for tying shoes storing book bags etc. I made it from discarded cedar slabs I got from Amish joe’s saw mill behind us. I help saw the logs and hand picked the sections of the slabs. It didn’t come home to the accolades I expected being my first solo successful wood project but I like it.



Family fun


Had the whole family down this last weekend. It was nice have all three girls back home at once. The grandkids were a bonus too even with the sea monkey still inside. I wonder it will be like to have all of the steps full someday.

Let’s see, who all was here

Grandpa and grandpa nini
Eric and Brian
Stephani Matthew Nora and Anderson
Katie and Jake

Mary and I

A lot to visit on a rainy weekend, eh? But much fun either way.









As we contract and expand…a few new additions and editions

Drumroll please. I mean this is the beginning of a new era in my life. That’s right I said it. And I am saying this is where I announce that I am more of a man and more of a farmer.




Yep I gots me a farm truck. Joe and outfitted it today too. I helped build its racks.




I have dubbed my truck Danté. I will explain why once I have decorated the rack and can show you a pic.

I took my Danté and its rack on its maiden run to the livestock sales tonight. I sold sherry the goat and Joe sold a ewe. I brought home Dave 2.0. I am sure I will give him his own blog entry with better pics but here is a first low light couple of shots from out in the barn at the sale.



The Un-nou cement

Well now that everyone has had the chance to hear the news through proper more personal channels, I can make it official and permanent here.


My daughter Katie is having a baby and we now know he is going to be a boy. He is due in February. We are excited meet him in person.


Do you remember?

Do you remember a dog named Frankey? You know the basset hound that I got for my daughter Stepani on her 16th birthday. Well he is gettin to be an old dude now. That’s ok though. He is loved as always he has a son here too. And his son is look a lot like dear old dad.


His name is ernie (after the turtle man) and his survival alone was in question in his early days but we all prayed and he has hung in there thanks in part to Iams puppy food. We nicknamed him beans(frank and beans) and enjoy watching him Lear from his dad.


He is still house training (with limited success) but we are hopeful and diligent thanks in part to Iams puppy food. It makes dry pooh. He takes morning showered with whoever he catches in in order to snatch drink. He sings with me. He plays with Tariq. But he learns the most from his dear old dad.


Isn’t Frankey such a good teacher to Ernie?

A “surprise” couple….


This is Florence and Harv. They came home last night to us. There names they share with my maternal grandparents. I never knew grandpa Harv but my uncle junior always told me how proud he was of his team of mules. I felt the name fit and as they are a pair the names fit.

Harv is the smaller donkey. A very small mini jack or intact male donkey. We believe that Florence may already be bred or pregnant by Harv. Harvey is an in your pocket kind of donkey, very friendly and gently enough that 2 year old Tariq can lead him by himself. Florence is just slightly more standoffish but follows jack anywhere willingly(including into the back of my minivan to pooh on it. I have go to the carwash to clean the carpets finally.)

The happy couple will live in the pasture and at the barn with the horses and pig rather than in the backyard area with the goats and roosters and turkey. They may also do double time at joes with his sheep as guardians when the sheep are in the big pasture. But that’s still basically line of site from the back porch to the edge of that pasture.