Swap Meet….woo hoooo, woot, woot, woot!

I went to my first small animal/livestock swap meet today.  It was Tim and Susie’s Hen house swap Meet.


It super rocked, although, I did not get to partake of the swapping. Actually I procrastinated on an awesome deal and when I returned to make the purchase it was too late others had already snatched them up.  It was my own durn fault.  Besides I had to go to th library afterwards to help Mary and they might have lost patience with me if I walked in with 15 hens to show to Mary in the Library. And I surely would have been too excited to leave them in the car.

At Tim and Susie’s there were hens, roosters, chicks, banies, ducks, geese, turkeys, bunnies, alpacas, and I am sure I have forgotten something. There were hand crafts, and wood rafts, and cages, and feed. All at good prices.

What I learned today is that you want to go early. The best deals go early and fast. 

I also will say that I didn’t meet a single person seller or buyer alike who wasn’t willing to do some serious ratchet jawing and share some helpful advice.  Good folks all around, Amish and English alike.

Welcome to YER new home Larry

Yes that’s right. Another new addition.  The bad weather claimed Minion, the original ally chick, and two roosters that I don’t think I had gotten around to naming.  Minion because he was just to small and weak after the scours to deal with the wet followed by the plunge in temperature, and the chickens because Donald my dominate rooster would not allow them into the coop out of the cold.

But, the good new I have to report is that o have acquired a new rooster and I have dubbed him Larry in honor of my favorite uncle, Larry Cavins.  When I was a teen Larry used to give me rides to a teen “nite club” after hours at chuck e cheese in Florence.  He just always seemed to cool to me. Kinda blown up in a severely laid back way.  My kids know him even today and all love him.

Larry the rooster is an pApenzellar Spitzhauben rooster.  It is a breed from Switzerland.  They are a full size breed but are very much on the small side.  However, when I dropped Larry in he immediately went toe to toe with both Donald and Pip Squauk ( a male guinea who acts as Donald’s consummate toadie.) and in due course sent Pip packing. Now he fits right in and roosts near Donald.

Here is the first and only picture I have of Larry as it cold and wet and Nasty and muddy and most assuredly not photography weather.

Now the be gown side to this breed is that they like to roost in trees. Perhaps he thinks he’s a falcon.

Earl G Dumplin’s and a growin girl.

Took the family out to dinner tonight since they have been couped up in the house for over a week with snow days and all. We decided to try this local place that has been recommended to me so many times I was getting kinda tired of hearin it. Earl G Dumplin’s. . Well folks, I must admit, it lived up to and beyond the praise. Service? Great! With 8 of us that’s unusual. Portion size? Fantasmahuge! Entree alone more than anyone of us could eat, and then sides and buns to boot. Quality of food? Oh wow, I mean oh WoW! I’m not kidding. Everything from shrimp, to froglegs, to country fried chicken and gravy, to Mac and cheese, to coleslaw, to fries, to buns, to catfish…. It was all really great.

But enough of the rave review. On with the story. I started this outing by warning my children especially certain smaller ones that they must behave properly and (I believe my words were) not act a fool in this sit down restaurant.

Then I ordered Frog Legs. It pretty much went down hill from there.




Believe it or not my children behaved very well for the most part. Apparently, my lovely wife Mary must learn to never allow me to order foods that lead to such juvenile behavior on my part. Yep, it’s all her fault. Of course,, I’ll stick to that story.



Cold water pipe freezes, busts, thaws, sprays.

Shut off water. Go to Lowes Hardware store buy two fittings. Use existing piece of pipe I have and replace cracked pipe.

Turn on water. Water sprays from another section of pipe.

Shut off water. Go to Lowes Hardware store buy two fittings. Use existing piece of pipe I have and replace cracked pipe.

Turn on water. Pin hole leak. Water sprays. Have everyone take shower while water is on. Turn off water. drive to Smith’s Grove Hardware Store, buy SIX fittings (just in case). Use existing piece of pipe I have and replace damaged pipe. In process cut tip off of left thumb. Leak is fixed.

Sink in kid’s bathroom is stopped up. Plunge vigorously for 5 minutes. Water drains VERY slowly. Disconnect and remove U trap. Remove from pipe one large hairball, one toothbrush, one butter knife, 2 hair piggies, and on small plastic brontosaurus dinosaur. Replace u trap. Water drains quickly.

Children are pleased. Teens do not complain. Wife pats me on the head and smiles. I am a wounded but mighty hero. I will rest soundly this night.

Gosh Oh Golly Gee…

“I love my wife” just doesn’t seem to cover it. I am truly and helplessly head over heals in love with the woman I married over 25 years ago. I’ve done some things right in my life but this is a Babe Ruth out of the park and out of my mind Grand Slam. I know I am being silly. I know I fail to appreciate her. I get angry and frustrated with her….. But, those are MY failings.


I fell in love with a pretty girl with pretty eyes and a shorts skirt and slouchy socks and cute Eastland shoes, but best of all she was smart…..and ok….I admit it…. She thought I was cool. Well, I have traded cool for silly but I make her laugh…that’s something. I am in love with this woman who makes it ok to be me. So back off fellas……this is MY Babydoll.

Playin Warden and Other Forgotten Blog Entries

My goats managed to get out…..again…..four the umpteenth time, but this time in the dark. It is DARK in the country……especially when you are too cheap to replace the cheap old low watt bulbs outside with new brighter high wattage bulbs. The goats we a good sort but they had gotten separated and were frightened. I got two in relatively easily but my black 3 legged goat Tripoli was off a little and not inclined to come to big, dark, shadowy me. This is the point at which Mary let our Chocolate Lad Sammy out. When you are squinting trying to locate a black goat in pitch black, a chocolate lab does not make things easier. I had 2 low slung forms moving in the darkness. Then Jake the nanny goat (from State Farm) snuck up on me. (Insert small girl noise here). I had forgotten to patch the fence hole. Fortunately tripoli recognized jake and they followed me thru the gate and back in.

Fixing the hole was its own mini adventure. The. Chickens had roosted all around the hole inside the fence so I had to move them all and then conscience dictated that I put them back as they were as it was dark and the ground was nasty wet.


This is Tariq’s church outfit today. It is also the reason he will give his therapist as an adult for hating his mother.


This is Tariq doing his best Chucky impersonation. Yes it is scary. Yes it was voluntary on his part. Yes it was his idea. Yes I took the knife away immediately after I took this picture.


This is Broke Beak Chicken. she his my first and only hen. The roosters leave her alone. She is the original ugly chick. She eats just fine. It’s just the way she was born. She also knows how to break into my house. She came with the new calf.


This is Minion…..Filet Minion. He is our buddy calf for Tinker bell. He is coming up on 2 weeks old. He’s a jersey Bull. Very small, very sweet, and very lazy.


This is Elvis. He is a Bantum rooster. He is a Golden seebright. Good looking tho small man is he.


This is John Wayne. He is my largest rooster by double. He has a high crow and likes to pose. He ambles rathe than run or walk where ever he goes. His step isn’t even a strut… Just a slow cocky amble. Just like the man himself. He protected B.B.C. On her first day in the yard. He goes nowhere fast but commands respect.

Now understand I did not aquire all these at once. I’m just playing catchup. The next three pics are just ones I like.




It’s closing time….

Ok. So I am a horrible, bad, mostly icky granddad. I know this well. Ian (E N to me) Anthony, my grandson was born on January 26, 2015. He was born in Edgewood, Ky and weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and was 19 inches long. Grandma says he has a very small head (compared to the typical massive Eddington melon) and little aerodynamic ears like his grandpa. Too cool!



Welcome to the place you are from Ian.

Tinkerbell’s first day out

Here is a fun video of tink’s first day out in the pasture free. Wee set out with three devices videoing to then be edited together but this one video seemed to just catch it all.

It’s kind of a long video, but try to watch it all. There is fin with Tink and Sammy and Nyoka and myself. And, near the end is a special appearance of Tina the Llama and Mary the mama that is really worth the wait.

The more things change…


It’s started with just little ol’ tinkerbell. She wasn’t any bigger than a bit o nothing. I could pick her up and carry her round.

Below is my latest attempt.


At 5 weeks old. Lifting my baby tink just ain’t gonna happen. She’s still my little girl but I am not that big burly strong farm man. I tried but I believe I may have strained something bad. I sure hope not. Mary will kill me. I have appoints to drive kids to. Wish me the best and perhaps wish me some wisdom that I might not do such foolish things.

Thank God I’m a country boy… Sort of.


I know. It’s not a pick up and it’s not a hay wagon but this picture of mi Chevy venture minivan (nicknamed truckasaurus van or black beauty by Nyoka) makes me proud. This old girl has hauled hay, cement, wood, groceries, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, miniature donkeys, toys, trash, children, Amish, English, oh just about everything. Parking it next to my local corner market makes feel even better. I’ll always like this picture. I haven’t tried to haul a hose in her yet but after I unloaded the bails of hay from her, my mustang Kai was head and front hooves in the back end after the leftover hay when I came out of the barn.


This is my Sphynx cat, Isis. She is in no way associated with the terrorist organization of the same name. She does however like graham crackers. I did not know this until I had the opportunity to take this picture. As strange as it is to see in the picture it is stranger that’ve this critter in your kitchen.


It’s hard to believe that the price of gas was pushing 4.00 a gallon last year. This is what I was filling up at today this after noon. I would have got a final shot but the guy behind me was very impatient so I went on with out that final click.


As u know, I sometimes post things just for the sake of posting them because they humor me. This was just such a thing.