Tinkerbell has landed

Sometime 6 and 10 pm on December 7th, Cinderella gave birth to a beautiful black calf girl that my granddaughter has named Tinkerbell.



She was born on Joe’s farm. His wife Ida was first to see her.

She is very friendly. Not at all skittish. Even around dogs.

She is half angus, quarter Holstein, and quarter jersey.

We look forward to raising her up to be a big ol’ girl.

Passive aggressive at McDonald’s

We stopped at McDonald’s this morning. Not a rare occuranse I will gladly admit. After all all sodas are $1. But this time they messed up at the drive thru and filled Mary’s cup completely up with ice befor adding coke zero. So I was sent in to dump the ice and refill the right way. In retribution I took about 40 straws. It would have ended therebutthey were out of coke zero at the soda fountain. I told the lady there and she said she would inform them in the back when she finished cleaning tables. So I too a 3 inch stack of napkins, filled Mary’s cup with diet coke and left. McDonald’s feel my wraith!


Please excuse typos or missing letters. The screen on my ipad is shattered and some letters sometimes don’t type.

Happy 17th Nyoka.

My fourth daughter Nyoka turns 17 years old today. Over two years ago we promised her a llama for trying to maintain a positive attitude moving from the suburbs to the country. She has more than held up her end of the bargain. For this birthday I have delivered on that promise.

His name is Carl. Nyoka named him that. something to do with a fat kid on Jimmy Neutron who liked Llamas. Carl comes from a petting zoo in Tennessee somewhere. He is very freindly as you can see. Apparantly he has decided he likes Nyoka as much as she likes him.

So happy birthday Nyoka. I love ya and am very proud of you. You are my favorite 4th daughter born on November 8th who has blond hair named Nyoka.

UPDATE! My Amish neighbor Joe checked and Carl is indeed a lovely lady llama. From the looks of things, Nyoka is going to stick with the name Carl.

Turkey Secret Service

No pictures this time. I was too close up and hands on to be carrying my ipad or iPhone or even my Nikon. So here is how it went down. Nyoka and I went outside to clip the turkeys’ wing feathers to keep them from flying out of our pen. We picked a male to separate out and catch but in the ensuing chase it got mixed up and we ended up with the female upside down by both feet. A quick few scissor snips all while she was quiet and content and we set her down. Unfortunately, her men were most assuredly not ok. They began to inflate and gobble. Their heads turned bright red and blue. Their snoods extended to full length. and, they surrounded her keeping her protected at all times. They did not herd her so much as move with her where she moved all the while eyeballing us. I knew then with all those wing tips dipping to the ground, I decided I didn’t want them clipped and they would be staying close to protect her.

Barnyard math

When I arrived home from driving amish joe to some lumber buyers, Brontë informed me that my turkeys had gotten out and she had gotten all 3 of them back in the pen.

Count the turkeys.


Yes if you look closely you will see 6 turkeys. Not my original 3. My turkeys did not indeed get out. I am assuming that these were indeed Joe’s turkeys come to visit. Of course they are welcome to visit. T least as long as they display like this.

It’s hard to soar like an eagle…

I brought some new birds into the family today. I brought in a male and female turkey. The male is and was in his old home the Boss. Hence, I have named him Bruce, as in Springsteen. He is a more grey color than Jeff but displays magnificently. The female is Tewes after a very special one legged turkey in our hearts.





We also brought in 2 guinea keets. The adult I named Pipsquawk from an old cartoon due to hur unexpectedly strange misshapen head. The juvenile whit one I shall call Pipsqueak on account of he is smaller.

There were other critters. 4 male turkeys, 3 Peking ducks, and about 10 to fifteen chickens but those went to Joe’s. I could have had a couple roosters but I want to bring some hens in which means have to be controlling my rooster numbers, not increasing. So it was just my two pair for now and Bruce may go to Joe yet as he is here to teach Jeff to display.

I create something original

This is a bench for under the kids’ coat hooks. It’s for tying shoes storing book bags etc. I made it from discarded cedar slabs I got from Amish joe’s saw mill behind us. I help saw the logs and hand picked the sections of the slabs. It didn’t come home to the accolades I expected being my first solo successful wood project but I like it.