A Doo addition…and some new additions.

That’s right. There’s a new cock of the walk on the Eddington farm. His name is Doolittle. And he actually doesn’t walk yet. He has something wrong with one foot that I have to try to splint. I saved him from being Amish dinner cause he is so friendly. He also loves to crow.


We also have 8 new basset hound pups. 7 boys and 1 girls. 2 boys and a girl are spoken for. They are a cute bunch born 4/19/14. Momma and babies are doin well.



Charlie to the rescue!

I got hacked. I am sure most of you already know first hand but I did. It was a very unpleasant experience but I did. I was hacked and hijacked and I no longer have the knowledge has the knowledge and skill to fix it myself. I called on old friends but still couldn’t solve the problem. Then I stumbled across Charlie’s ad on Craigslist. He helped me help myself, directed me to my host and helped me some more. I hope to become good friends with Charlie. I promise to tell more about Charlie in a later entry once I have met him in person.

That’s The Side The Gun Was On

I am at a DAV meeting. It’s my first. DAV is disabled American veterans for those who do not know. I’ve only been here a few minutes and the “hero” is all over the place. The blog title I got from an old fella who will be signing me up later. We were introducing ourselves and he turned his hed and pushed his ear to me. He apologized and explained “that’s the side the gun was on and that he doesn’t hear so well from that their now. The pride I felt knowing a man who stood in those combat boots. A hero right there talkin to me.

I must apologize if I’m not explains this well. The meeting is ongoing and I am trying to pay attention and write at the same time.

Ok I have had enuff.

That’s right. I said it. I said it clear and I meant it. I don’t want anymore cold. I can ride my horses. I always feel pressured to finish what I am doing and get back indoors so I never enjoy the little experiences like chasing my horses when the get out and eat my Amish neighbor’s wagon of corn feed and loving on my cow which I don’t even do cause its too darn cold. My car warms up WAY to slow to enjoy driving anywhere. I could put some cardboard and fix it but its to cold to wimp my wimpy wimpness out there and work to do it. I am ready for spring. I am ready for long horse rides and , driving the wagon, and breakin Bacon, lovins from Cindy the cow, going to the caves, plowing, planting, hanging with my Amish Homies. Just the General good times. Somebody ax the groundhog and bring me some spring! I wanna grill me some steaks while I stand in front of the grill instead of run in and out of the house.

So Am I Th Wife or The Husband?

Mary showed me this blog article. I like it a lot but, my life resembles one more than the other. With the exception of the breast thing.

Let Your Husband Love You.

Update : Due to the popularity of this post, it seemed somewhat necessary for me to write a follow up/clarification/let’s chill with the drama post. You can read it here.
I’m writing this post to myself. You can read it if you like, but just know that I’m 100% preaching to myself.

I get it. The kids have been climbing on you all day. One or both of your boobs have been exposed 87% of the day and you’re sick of being clawed at, sucked on, licked, punched, kicked, pulled, snotted on, cried on, spit up on, pooped on, and peed on. You’ve wiped butts and noses and counters and walls all day. You’ve battled attitudes and arched backs and Dora the Explorer since dawn and you’re tired. So. So. Tired. I know. I really really do.
I know you don’t want to be touched and for some reason, an innocent compliment can offend you. When he says, “You’re so pretty”, you think he’s mocking you because you’re in the yoga pants you’ve been wearing 4 days in a row and your hair is either falling out of your scalp or tied so tightly on top of your head that your eyebrows are permanently surprised. You think when he hugs you he’s just trying to do the thing that made all this chaos start in the first place and that ticks you off. Please. PLEASE. Listen when I say these things.
Stop. Take a breath. Recharge. Try again.
He’s been away at work all day. He’d much rather be with you. All of you. He’s missed your face, your voice, your smell, and your touch. He’s had to deal with whatever crap he has to deal with in order to provide for the family that he loves. He doesn’t enjoy walking out the door every morning, but he does. Every day. For you. For them.
He does think you’re pretty. He wouldn’t lie to you. He doesn’t need to say those things. But when he walks in the door and the first thing he sees is the love of his life, don’t convince yourself that he’s thinking about anything other than how absolutely beautiful you are. Cause guys are weird. Once they fall in love with you, there’s nothing you can wear, no amount of weight you can gain, and no lack of make up that will make them see you any differently. You are their love, their bride, and after he’s been at work all day, you are a sight for sore eyes.
So instead of rolling your eyes, huffing and puffing, throwing out gut kicking comments about how he has it easy, doesn’t understand, is lazy, a jerk, whatever comes to your beautiful stressed out brain… BREATHE. Look away from your day and see the man that won your heart.
Let your husband love you.
Because he needs to love you. As much as you need to receive the love he has for you, he needs to be received. He needs to be welcomed, embraced, and loved. Even if the last thing you want is to be touched or to hear how amazing you look when you feel insecure and disgusting. Let him love you. Don’t push him away. If you do, I can guarantee there will come a day when your cold shoulders and eye rolling will have trained him to stay away. There will be a day when you will need to be hugged and need to be reminded of how amazing you are and he won’t know how to tell you.
So suck up your pride, your anger, your frustration, and your crazy and just…be loved.

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