Tinkerbell’s first day out

Here is a fun video of tink’s first day out in the pasture free. Wee set out with three devices videoing to then be edited together but this one video seemed to just catch it all.

It’s kind of a long video, but try to watch it all. There is fin with Tink and Sammy and Nyoka and myself. And, near the end is a special appearance of Tina the Llama and Mary the mama that is really worth the wait.

The more things change…


It’s started with just little ol’ tinkerbell. She wasn’t any bigger than a bit o nothing. I could pick her up and carry her round.

Below is my latest attempt.


At 5 weeks old. Lifting my baby tink just ain’t gonna happen. She’s still my little girl but I am not that big burly strong farm man. I tried but I believe I may have strained something bad. I sure hope not. Mary will kill me. I have appoints to drive kids to. Wish me the best and perhaps wish me some wisdom that I might not do such foolish things.

Thank God I’m a country boy… Sort of.


I know. It’s not a pick up and it’s not a hay wagon but this picture of mi Chevy venture minivan (nicknamed truckasaurus van or black beauty by Nyoka) makes me proud. This old girl has hauled hay, cement, wood, groceries, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, miniature donkeys, toys, trash, children, Amish, English, oh just about everything. Parking it next to my local corner market makes feel even better. I’ll always like this picture. I haven’t tried to haul a hose in her yet but after I unloaded the bails of hay from her, my mustang Kai was head and front hooves in the back end after the leftover hay when I came out of the barn.


This is my Sphynx cat, Isis. She is in no way associated with the terrorist organization of the same name. She does however like graham crackers. I did not know this until I had the opportunity to take this picture. As strange as it is to see in the picture it is stranger that’ve this critter in your kitchen.


It’s hard to believe that the price of gas was pushing 4.00 a gallon last year. This is what I was filling up at today this after noon. I would have got a final shot but the guy behind me was very impatient so I went on with out that final click.


As u know, I sometimes post things just for the sake of posting them because they humor me. This was just such a thing.

If it makes the blog I say it’s free game…..


That’s right and I get to decide what makes the blog. And yes that is my 20 year old daughter Brontë sucking her thumb while watching tv. The more they grow up the more they stay the same.






These are all shots of my oldest (25) Stephani and my youngest (2) Tariq playing together in the good ol little tykes cozy coop. Guess Steph didn’t get enough LTCC time in her own when she was a little girl, or with her own 2 year old daughter’s. In her defense, Tariq did invite her in…



…just as he invited his niece in later. The irony here is I bought him the LTCC Truck for Christmas and had just put it together but now he would rather play with the old car.

For bonus points. Look very closely at the television behind Stephani and Tariq in the Cozy Coupe. Can you tell me what movie we were watching at that time? A couple hints. It’s a classic. Both actors were big stars. And it’s a huge favorite in our family. Post your guesses in the comments section of this blog entry.

The heck with a bucket list.

I added a little oddball list to the back of my business cards this time. It’s a list of weird animals I’m lookin for. Not even January 1st and I got the first on the list last night.


She’s real cute and really healthy. I think she will do well. Doesn’t took so oddball does she?

Being a 3 legged goat qualifies her for my list. We see where I go next. But for now I have an oddball goat who was born that way and I am told as such is guaranteed to outrun rats.

Neglectful Me

I know I have been away for longer than usual and missed lots of oppurtunities to blog about life at See Me Farm. I just have been busier living and at times anoint life in general. I doe have some food stuff tho.

Yesterday was Deceber 23′ 2014. That’s my 25th wedding anniversary. 25 years. 27 years ago in in December 1987 I met her for the very first time that I know of. She was so pretty and even caught my eye then though I already had a girlfriend. This is the girl that so quickly captivated my mind, won my heart and pretty much drove me batty,


We also have a Llama now. her name is Tina. She was Nyoka’s 17th birthday present from dad. A very special thanks goes out to Hoppy for his help in aquiring Tina!



Kermit did not enjoy playing Rudolph much at all at grandmas.


Tinker bell, our calf is just the sweetest girl. I hope she can love me as much as her momma did. I look forward to bein her daddy.


And to brag on my beautiful wife Mary’s behalf, even though it makes no difference to me, but she is down to a size 6 in her favorite brand of express jeans. I’m very proud of her for wanting it bad enough to work so hard for it.


The boys are well. Actually Tariq has the flu but I wanted to post this picture because it is so cute and needed a way to Segway into it. In reality Tariq and I are bout sick as dogs right now nut we will survive.


Finally, as I will not likely be on tommorrow, Merry Christmas and I love you all just because you are here reading my site. Enjoy your holiday as best you can. And know that a weird, ordinary ,average ,Amish lovin ,lotsa kid havin, oddball animal obsessed, farmer wannabe kinda guy thinks of you.


Tinkerbell has landed

Sometime 6 and 10 pm on December 7th, Cinderella gave birth to a beautiful black calf girl that my granddaughter has named Tinkerbell.



She was born on Joe’s farm. His wife Ida was first to see her.

She is very friendly. Not at all skittish. Even around dogs.

She is half angus, quarter Holstein, and quarter jersey.

We look forward to raising her up to be a big ol’ girl.

Passive aggressive at McDonald’s

We stopped at McDonald’s this morning. Not a rare occuranse I will gladly admit. After all all sodas are $1. But this time they messed up at the drive thru and filled Mary’s cup completely up with ice befor adding coke zero. So I was sent in to dump the ice and refill the right way. In retribution I took about 40 straws. It would have ended therebutthey were out of coke zero at the soda fountain. I told the lady there and she said she would inform them in the back when she finished cleaning tables. So I too a 3 inch stack of napkins, filled Mary’s cup with diet coke and left. McDonald’s feel my wraith!


Please excuse typos or missing letters. The screen on my ipad is shattered and some letters sometimes don’t type.

Happy 17th Nyoka.

My fourth daughter Nyoka turns 17 years old today. Over two years ago we promised her a llama for trying to maintain a positive attitude moving from the suburbs to the country. She has more than held up her end of the bargain. For this birthday I have delivered on that promise.

His name is Carl. Nyoka named him that. something to do with a fat kid on Jimmy Neutron who liked Llamas. Carl comes from a petting zoo in Tennessee somewhere. He is very freindly as you can see. Apparantly he has decided he likes Nyoka as much as she likes him.

So happy birthday Nyoka. I love ya and am very proud of you. You are my favorite 4th daughter born on November 8th who has blond hair named Nyoka.

UPDATE! My Amish neighbor Joe checked and Carl is indeed a lovely lady llama. From the looks of things, Nyoka is going to stick with the name Carl.