Out of touch.. A sort of update and broken list of random thoughts.

Well, we obviously made it back from Jamaica. It’s just been so chaotic since then and with my computer being down I haven’t blogged. In no particular guaranteed order here are some updates and events.

The vacation was in my estimation da bomb. I loved it. Not every thing a total 100 but at least 98.

Nyoka broke her right wrist skateboarding. It was both the radius and the ulna. She had to have surgery and has a cast nearly to her armpit.

Steph is due by the end of the month with baby A.

Our Amish neighbor Ida is due two weeks ago so could pop any minute.

We got a new blue tin roof on the house.

I have recently developed a sickeningly sacharine romantically loving infatuation for my wife. It has to be annoying to her. I imagine it’s like having her own personal Steve Urkel.

Bob and Sherry came to visit and brought burgoo, Cincinnati chili, and goetta.

Doug came and brought Mathew, Alex, brookelyn, and their camper. He made us the ever desired Doug salsa too.

I was set apart today as a temple ordinance worker. This is so so so awesome. An honor and a blessing in one.

The water damage to the upstairs ceiling is a day away from being completely repaired. More Amish craftsmanship.

The kids go back to school in 3 weeks.

Tariq spazzes out when he hears his big sister Stephani’s voice and gets all excited to see her on FaceTime.

The word spazziest is built into my autocorrect.(go figure).

For better or for worse.


We are on the rode to our 25th Anniversary vacation in Jamaica. Actually, it is 3 AM ad we are driving to the airport in Nashville. I’m stoked to finally be on the way. I have looked forward to this for quite some time. I mean time uninterrupted with my beautiful wife. Who wouldn’t be anxious to get there.

Things that have gone wrong on the day leading up to our departure? We’ll Doolittle the rooster died yesterday. Yup the good guy cross the rainbow bridge. He had taken a turn so it was no big surprise but the loss is still sorely felt. Our central air went out completely. We are still formulating and finalizing a plane so that this loss won’t be too sorely be messed be for we have fixed the issue. I tell ya what if it ain’t one thing it’s another.

Gettin Closer to Bliss


The countdown has dropped down below double digits. We have just a couple fistfuls of days left til Mary and I leave for Jamaica. All of our shopping is done with the exception of a couple of odds and ends. It’s difficult to deal with the amigo option. With nothing to do but a couple of haircuts and pedicures the time is dragging. Don’t want to rush it cause it will rush right trough our trip. Hang on there Sean. You can make it.

Of Sea Monkeys and Men


This is to be my third grandchild. The ‘lil Sea monkey is too young for us to tell if it’s a boy or a girl. That’s ok. It’s momma Katie has dubbed it the Sea monkey for now. As you can see in the image. The due date is February 2 2015. That seems so long away for someone we are all so excited to meet.

Life is good.


Bob Ross happens to be an old school hero of mine. Right up there with Mr Rogers. However neither has anything to do with this blog entry in a direct sense. Though both add to my sense of good life.

It’s been a great day. Lots of time with church friends and family. Seeing the young adults play. Hanging with church friends and hearing of their military backgrounds and their children who are on missions now. It’s was so much fun at the templin family home. The big bonus lately was news that I and going to become The Grandfather twice this year my oldest daughter Stephani will have our Grandson Baby A (Anderson) in August and our second oldest Kathryne is now going to have a baby around Christmas.

I also love that my wife Mary got called to sub in the special needs school for the last 3 days of the school year. Yes she makes money but more than that they called HER. They recognized her abilities and skills. They now how good she is. It makes me fell proud for her. I know she is great but its good to see others see it too.

more. More chickens. And more on chickens.

Lots of family came to visit this past weekend. Kai and Ted got to ride and Bacon got to spend cuddle time with my brother in law Johnny. The puppies were a hit. Doo was a smashing success as a show off rooster. Fun was had by all.

I have 2 new white leghorn hens named scuzzy and mad dog. Also I got a white silky hen named wuzzy and a white silky rooster named fuzzy. They gave us our first 2 farm eggs yesterday.

I also brought home some new chicks. 16 total of varying breeds to ensure color and variety. I have a few sample pics.



The second pic shows what he will look like as an adult and who he will resemble as an adult. His or her name is Larry.



This is Moe the chick. And a picture or what he or she will look like when grown up.



Finally, this is Curly. curly and moe are the same breed just different colors. They are called naked neck chickens. There are numerous other breeds but these stand out as favorites. Along with buff orpingtons and Rhode Island reds. I’ll see what else I like once they are grown.

My rooster thinks he’s a dog.

It’s been a crazy weekend here in our house. Lots of turmoil and a mandated break from common technology for everyone in the house. Hope I haven’t let too many people down but at times like this family comes first. Just steeling some time away to post this on my IPAD. Well on to the fun part of the weekend.


Doo is the coolest rooster in the world. Johnnie Daniels’ Epsom salts have doo all kinds of mobile. He follows us up on the porch and dashes into the house whenever we open the door. He likes to sit in the middle of the floor and watch tv and LOVES to jump up in HIS chair.


His other doglike behavior that I just noticed is that he likes to exhibit is that he likes to hang around close by when I grill. You would think he would high tail it at the first wiff of barbecue. But, no, this chicken wants his fair Share. I love my animals.