The GCAS Auction

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I went, I saw, I Bid, I bought, I ran, I sang, I sold, I boogied, I gots me some fee-ish! Yes, oh yes. It was a grand grand day in fish geekdome. The day started for me at about 8 AM. Well that’s when I left the house anyhow. I dropped Steph off at work. (an hour early, and I owe her one for letting me impose on her like that. It allowed me to get to the auction earlier.) I has to stop at Mary’s van to pick up my coolers, only there were no coolers to pick up(another story), so I had to go to wal-mart and grab one. Then it was up the expressway to the auction. I arrived at about 9:30 AM. This gave me time to help with the setting up of things, and begin to get to introduce my self around just a bit.

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My POTM Made The Home Page At GCAS

If you remember a few weeks back, I won the Pic of the Month contest for July 2006 at Well, finally after much waiting on my part…..patient waiting I will add. My winning entry has been placed in its place of honor on the Homepage at The guys who run the website for the Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society, aside from having Aquariums (multiple I am sure) of their own, happen to also (believe it or not) have lives and even wives and jobs of there own. So, getting around to dealing with my whiney butt and posting my winning picture on the homepage actually isn’t like the critical thing that I probably acted like it was. So definitely Props go out to their Webmaster Sean Danekind and Mike McCartney and the Rest of the guys who make the whole thing possible. But, hey…..I am also gonna say Big Ol’ Props go out to me for taking such a good picture of my Tropheus……and definite Props go out to that lil’ fishy for bein such a Handsome devil. So drop on over to the GCAS Homepage and check out my pic. Oh and while you are there check out the Forums, drop into the Trading Post and take a Gander at the 75 Gallon tank setup that I have for sale right now.

A Weekend None Too Shabby

This weekend actually turned out to be pretty good.

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Although the temperatures stayed a bit chillier than I typically prefer It was still mostly nice out. Friday and Saturday we had Yard Sales at Sherry’s House. It was nice and relaxing to kind of just sit back and enjoy the slow day visiting with her and her Neighbors. I was Finally able to give Brandon his Christmas/Birthday present. It was an Air Hog SKYSHARK. He had alot of fun with it. Saturday was a very eventful day. I ran into my friend Matt Oliver, when he stopped by the Yard Sale. I also Went and Got Mik and My Hair cut at Fred’s. After the Yard Sale we went to Grandma NiNi’s and did some Yard work there with the whole Family, including Eric, Bob, Doug , Joe, and Myself. Therese worked alot too. Mary and Cindy worked on the food and such and Sherry watched Joee for us. The kids just ran around and Played alot. Saturday Evening, Mary and I went down to Mayfest for a couple of hours. That was nice time together, just the two of us.

Bye Bye Munchers…STRESS

Well the Piranha went bye bye today. Yup, that’s right. I got rid of them. I didn’t sell them. I virtually had to give them away. I can’t say I’m worried about them not having a good home though. I am pretty sure this guy will treat them right. They just weren’t the fish for me. We never really seemed to click. They just didn’t have that certain personality that I like in my fish. They never seemed to “click” with me. And, since Mary never really liked them at all, it wasn’t really a hard decision. I decided to go with a whole new look on the 90 gallon tank. New fish and substrate and everything. Mary seems more into these fish too. I go get em tomorrow and then when they are settled in I will take pics and show you what they are and talk more about them. For now though, I am just majorly…..

So much for sleepin in…..

Well with the snow I had planned on sleeping in becaus ethere was no chance of doing any landscaping today. But Frankey decided to wake dad with some licks to the face.So here I am quietly typing away, hoping to get a blog entry in before anyone realizes I am up.

Speaking of blog entries where am I in life.

Well, I have been doing some work with My brother-in-law Doug to help him out with Landscaping.

My Aunt Nellie (Uncle Junior’s {HA!CHA!} wife) passed away last week. It was a sad loss but she is in a better place making sweet tea for the angels now.

Ummmmm, the potty training with Mik I going both Good and Bad. He is peeing in the potty really well now. However, He seems to be having some difficulty with anting to go poo on the pot. He says he can’t get his underwear down. We’ll get there eventually.

I’m still Job seeking. Mary has been a tremendous help. Gawrsh I love that woman. She does wonderful things for me. I miss her terribly at times when I am away Landscaping. I got spoiled being able to IM and email her from a computer while at work.

Mary Wants, Mary Gets….Catfish???

Now in all Honesty…My motto usually is “Mary wants, Mary gets.

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However, In this case I have to admit I benefited to. Well I always benefit. I mean if Mary is happy, then I am happy. But In this case the benefit is direct. You see there is a new LFS (Local Fish Shop) in town. It’s called Indoor Outdoor Aquatics. They are Located at 635 Monmouth in Newport KY. I don’t think they have a website yet. Anyhow, Right before I found out about them Mary saw me looking on PlanetCatfish at some pictures of Banjo Cats. She said she Thought they were really neat and wanted me to get some. So I mentioned it to the lady at Indoor outdoor and she said she would find me some good healthy specimens. Sure enough she came through for me like a champ! So now I have 3 new Banjo cats across 2 tanks. And a 4th I gave to My Father In law for his tank. It all works out great. Haven’t named these fellas yet, but I am thinking. here are a couple quotes to give ya an Idea about em.

Known for a few regular offerings in the aquarium interest, banjo catfishes are the epitome of… well, laziness or at least inactivity. Honestly, it’s hard to tell whether these dun-colored extremely dorso-ventrally flattened fishes are alive or not. They barely get up to move until food practically drops on them!

Hoo Yeah! lazy Fish…now that fits right in with my lazy dogs…lazy kids….hmmm do we see a pattern here?

The Banjo Catfish is for the person looking for something unusual, and they truly have a body shape that resembles a banjo! They are a very peaceful fish and are desirable in any community aquarium.

Me and my oddballs…I don’t know what to say other than Mary picked this one out so blame her. I had nothing to do with this choice.

Mr Taterhead joins the Family

OK. I admit it…I might just possiby have a problem…you could even possibly call it an addiction.

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I am into oddball catfish. That’s riught. The weirder the better. The latest addition to the family is an Electric Catfish. The Scientific Name for this little Monster is Malapterurus electricus.

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I named mine Tater Head. Why? because when I first found him, Bill (the owner) at Woreld of Pets on Turfway Road in Florence, KY said he looked like a potatoe and I had to agree. Well, That’s how he got his name. I have to agree with someof these other quotes as well though too.

The Electric Catfish may look like a big sausage but you won’t find anything else like it — Mike McEwan–

He definately has a point there. I mean appearances aside….taterHead sure does have personality so far for his first night. a very friendly cuss he is.

Tankmates: It has been done (e.g. with larger cichlids), but most keepers of electric cats keep them to themselves… in dedicated biotopic settings. Though they can be kept more than one to a tank as juveniles, electric catfishes become quarrelsome with growth and are best maintained solitarily. Not to worry re this fish becoming lonely, as they imprint on their keepers readily, becoming quite the household pet, actually rarely shocking their owners.

Woo HOO! nMy kind of fish…Right up the alley of being a neighbor to MR. Wyckii! Not IN the same tank but you get my drift. In otherwords…grumpy to other fish but he will L-O-V-E me.

Feeding: Live fish, earthworms (bloodworm for smaller fish), chopped meat or seafood. Care must be taken not to overfeed as this fish is a real glutton.

Again…My kinda fish. I have to be careful…but I love my glutton catfish….”Get in Me Belly!”

I think this fella is gonna fit right in here. he has his own 29 gallon tank for right now. it replaces a 10 gallon tank that had to go away because it got cracked by the kids. That puts me up to 325 gallons total. I will have to post some actual pics of all my tanks and TaterHead real soon. Oh and just so you guys don’t think I have gone all upcycle manic and started spending like a looney. Mr TaterHead was $15 and the 29 gal was free from an earlier trade.

Dead Goldfish

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Little Tim was in the garden filling in a hole when his
neighbor peered over the fence. Interested in what the
rosy-cheeked youngster was up to, he politely asked,
“What are you up to there, Tim?”

“My goldfish died,” replied Tim tearfully, without looking
up, “and I’ve just buried him.”

The neighbor was concerned, “That’s an awfully big hole
for a goldfish, isn’t it?”

Tim patted down the last heap of earth then replied,
“That’s because he’s inside your freakin’ cat!”

Special Props Go out to Aquamojo for there totally Gruesome Goldfish Annhialation video. these Guys know Big Predator Fish. My Kind of Aquarists. I just need some more big tanks.

MythBusters: Nemo was a FRAUD!

It’s not that I didn’t like the little fella. His “gimpy fin” is quite endearing. I thoroughly enjoyed Ellen DeGeneres ‘s voice-over portrayal of Dory. My son Goes absolutely ape every time we see a clown fish in the pet store. I actually enjoy sticking the DVD in and watching the movie with Misha when he wants to watch it most times. I mean I just want to point out that I have absolutely nothing against the franchise on the whole. I just ran into a tragic occurrence this weekend that tells me “nuh -uh!” I don’t think so! Homey Don’t play Dat! Perhaps I should watch the movie again before I knee jerk and call a cripple little gimp-fish a fraud but If I am wrong I am sure one of you guys will call me out on it.

Finding Nemo (Collector
Starring:Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould
Manufacturer:Walt Disney Video
Released:04 November, 2003

A Nice…and Strange…and VERY COLD weekend.

I know it has been a while since I posted. I have been very busy at work and it was a very eventful weekend.Now, fair warning before I get into this particular entry, There are some portions that you will find not only icky and gross but downright disturbing. I just wanted to let ya know. Sometimes I can be rather weird and i wanted to give fair warning to my readership. Just so ya have the chance to decide not to read on. Well anyhow, to pick up from my last post. I am back on my meds, and subsequently feeling a might better. Not great mind you but certainly better by all means. Friday is kind of a blur to be honest. It was a ruff day at work as I remember, and I went to the laundromat Friday evening to get a mass of laundry done so we could get caught up but other than that I don’t recall any other large developments. We did stop at Blockbuster afterwards and by a couple of previously viewed DVDs. I watched Stealth Friday night. I really did like that one. I recommend it as a rental or PVT purchase.