From Beefcake to BeefSteak…..

I am sure that some of you recognize not only the character but the episode of the show he is in. BeefCake! BEEFCAKE! BEEFCAKE! Well I am more into something a bit diffferent. My chant goes a little something like Beefsteak! BEEFSTEAK! BEEFSTEAK! And why? you might ask? well because THAT is my favorite variety of tomatoes to grow. they rock!

Booger Worm…..lost wedding ring……South American Red Tailed Catfish….update on Mary and Joey…

This little guty has a profound mission in life. Or at least i think so. he makes me smile. I found him on the web several months ago. everytime I go back and look for him he sings to me and and makes me smile. doesnt matter how I feel I end up smiling again (if only briefly). I have decided to share his wonderful magic with all of you. don’t you feel special. You can find him here among other places. I dont particulary advocate this site above others. its just the v\first one that Google popped up for me today. be sure to click the question mark in the upper left hand cornernto see the lyrics to his little song while you are listening. Oh yes, you will need speakers to get the full effect.

I AM IN!…..busy weekend……mr green thumb…….OB……

I am in …yup pretty much a full fledged P&Ger now. I have all my access. I have my new cube, my new laptop. All the goodies. I have even begun to do my job in small ways. I really feel I am going to be a good assett to CR.

It was a busy weekend I weent through. continued busy on into this week. Saturday was kidsfest. that was more of a trudge through behind the kids sort of thing at Sawyer Pointin Cincinnati.

Then Sunday it was up very earlly to rent a tiller and run to the flea Market and buy tomato plants as well as some pepper plants and then I was tilling all afternoon. Afterwards we returned the tiller and went to hear the Mt. Auburn Brass fellowship at the Berringer Crawford Museum. Our friend Gary Johnston was conducting. It made for a really fun time. i will post pics in the gallery some time tonight.

Monday evening and Last night I spent in the garden Planting. I have about 60 tomato plants of numerous varieties and jabanero peppers and bell peppers in. those were all plants. I hope to get some seeds in tonight for snap peas, greenbeans, cucmbers, yellow squach, zuchini, and hybrid squash.

This afternoon we take mary for her first Dr appointment for the new baby. lets see whats up wit dat later. she is all nervous. I’m anxious but in a good way. wouldn’t TWINS be cool. *wink*

We will forgo the powere-whine again this post. issues are out here. i just dont feel like putting my whining down in here. maybe later who knows. Just count yourselves lucky.