That’s The Side The Gun Was On

I am at a DAV meeting. It’s my first. DAV is disabled American veterans for those who do not know. I’ve only been here a few minutes and the “hero” is all over the place. The blog title I got from an old fella who will be signing me up later. We were introducing ourselves and he turned his hed and pushed his ear to me. He apologized and explained “that’s the side the gun was on and that he doesn’t hear so well from that their now. The pride I felt knowing a man who stood in those combat boots. A hero right there talkin to me.

I must apologize if I’m not explains this well. The meeting is ongoing and I am trying to pay attention and write at the same time.

I am a three toed sloth


I am such a slug. I sit here on the couch eating cole slaw, thinking bout my sweet cow Cindy and my horses smilin at me as I came home earlier. Joee’s at the Amish neighbors playin with Emma. Emma’s momma Ida shared good news recently. Joe and Ida are having a new amlet in about 6 months. I told Ida I am thrilled for her. A new baby is awesome. Mary is crazy insane excited. I’m not sure if they will pick a name for the little amlet before he or she joins us.

It’s chilly out….. And grey…..and generally crappy. But! Life is grand. I have it so so so good.

just a quick note. I HATE AUTOCORRECT!

I Am Plumber MAN!


That’s right. You know it. I unclogged the kitchen sink drain pipe all by my self. It only took breaking two hand/drill augers, losing a freshly bought corded drill, 2 trips to lowes, 1 to Walmart, and 1 to harbor freight, but I did it. Yes me all me. Now I just have to get the stopped up toilet, Leakey toilet inlet valve, and water leak in the line out to the hydrant at the barn.

Credit must be given to the Google for helping me find a video on how to use a drum auger with drill attachment even if I still can’t find the drill.

A Letter to Momma


Above is a l;etter that Gio wrote to Mary. He was very Proud. He loves his momma VERY much! I mean after all, she is his momma.

Below is the conversation that followed Gio giving his momma this letter.

Gio: This is a pressent for you Mommy.

Mary: Oh GIO! This is very pretty. I love it. What does it Say?

Gio: I don’t Know. I can’t read.

Mary: Oh.

Gio: I figured you could read it.

Mary: Well Gio they are very nice letters.

Mama made me bread

Its too cool to explain but when you arrive home and Ida and the kids are at the house delivering a loaf of bread it takes you to a whole new world of bliss. No where do I know of this sort of generosity in the world today.

Short entry but Mary is home.

Buck Creek Blizzard of 2013

DSC_0001OK my kids are strange.  The are sweet.  I love them.  They bring me great Joy \.  But, inevitably they are strange.  They got up this morning and in the and in the process of getting dressed to go to school, one of them looked out side.  Oh Lord!  The fun begins.  There is SNOW outside.  Dad, YOU MUST TAKE pictures.   Right now!  Why?  It might melt!   This is sound reasoning as that snow is all of a 1/4 inch if that.  But the wanted pictures up on my blog.  so here’s a link.  And just to point out, they were right.  By 10 AM they Blizzard is gone.  The snow had melted.  Thats just the way the weather rumbles here on Buck Creek.