Par for course…..lawnmower Man…..My newest addition….a bit more weightloss and a positive outlook

Well, Everything seems to be moving along just Business as usual this past weekend with the vehicles. It turns out that the problem was not with the alternator OR the battery. So on the one hand his is good news. However, on the other hand we haven’t a clue what the problem actually is. Saturday morning we ended up having to have the car Towed back down to the garage for Monty to be able to take a look at it this morning. The oil was already so black Saturday that it looked like it had never been changed. Monty says that’s because it wasn’t being changed anywhere near every 3000 miles before. I suppose you could thing that I would be grinning like the cat who ate the canary but I am not. I am actually pretty embarrassed. And should be. It ridiculous that I cant get a car to run right now. Lord only knows where we go from here.

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