Life is good.


Bob Ross happens to be an old school hero of mine. Right up there with Mr Rogers. However neither has anything to do with this blog entry in a direct sense. Though both add to my sense of good life.

It’s been a great day. Lots of time with church friends and family. Seeing the young adults play. Hanging with church friends and hearing of their military backgrounds and their children who are on missions now. It’s was so much fun at the templin family home. The big bonus lately was news that I and going to become The Grandfather twice this year my oldest daughter Stephani will have our Grandson Baby A (Anderson) in August and our second oldest Kathryne is now going to have a baby around Christmas.

I also love that my wife Mary got called to sub in the special needs school for the last 3 days of the school year. Yes she makes money but more than that they called HER. They recognized her abilities and skills. They now how good she is. It makes me fell proud for her. I know she is great but its good to see others see it too.

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