As we contract and expand…a few new additions and editions

Drumroll please. I mean this is the beginning of a new era in my life. That’s right I said it. And I am saying this is where I announce that I am more of a man and more of a farmer.




Yep I gots me a farm truck. Joe and outfitted it today too. I helped build its racks.




I have dubbed my truck Danté. I will explain why once I have decorated the rack and can show you a pic.

I took my Danté and its rack on its maiden run to the livestock sales tonight. I sold sherry the goat and Joe sold a ewe. I brought home Dave 2.0. I am sure I will give him his own blog entry with better pics but here is a first low light couple of shots from out in the barn at the sale.



4 thoughts on “As we contract and expand…a few new additions and editions

  1. Nice truck, make sure you build some stakes up front you don’t want your livestock jumping in your backseat while you’re driving !

    • Ya know Don, that’s pretty much what I am hoping for. Admittedly, I doubt it will be nearly as cool as I imagine. But I bet it will be even more entertaining!

    • Johnny Daniels says that the definition of a farmer is “a man who stands apart in his field.” And Johnny would know. He is kinda the man down here.

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