Turkey Secret Service

No pictures this time. I was too close up and hands on to be carrying my ipad or iPhone or even my Nikon. So here is how it went down. Nyoka and I went outside to clip the turkeys’ wing feathers to keep them from flying out of our pen. We picked a male to separate out and catch but in the ensuing chase it got mixed up and we ended up with the female upside down by both feet. A quick few scissor snips all while she was quiet and content and we set her down. Unfortunately, her men were most assuredly not ok. They began to inflate and gobble. Their heads turned bright red and blue. Their snoods extended to full length. and, they surrounded her keeping her protected at all times. They did not herd her so much as move with her where she moved all the while eyeballing us. I knew then with all those wing tips dipping to the ground, I decided I didn’t want them clipped and they would be staying close to protect her.

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