Happy 17th Nyoka.

My fourth daughter Nyoka turns 17 years old today. Over two years ago we promised her a llama for trying to maintain a positive attitude moving from the suburbs to the country. She has more than held up her end of the bargain. For this birthday I have delivered on that promise.

His name is Carl. Nyoka named him that. something to do with a fat kid on Jimmy Neutron who liked Llamas. Carl comes from a petting zoo in Tennessee somewhere. He is very freindly as you can see. Apparantly he has decided he likes Nyoka as much as she likes him.

So happy birthday Nyoka. I love ya and am very proud of you. You are my favorite 4th daughter born on November 8th who has blond hair named Nyoka.

UPDATE! My Amish neighbor Joe checked and Carl is indeed a lovely lady llama. From the looks of things, Nyoka is going to stick with the name Carl.

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