If it makes the blog I say it’s free game…..


That’s right and I get to decide what makes the blog. And yes that is my 20 year old daughter Brontë sucking her thumb while watching tv. The more they grow up the more they stay the same.






These are all shots of my oldest (25) Stephani and my youngest (2) Tariq playing together in the good ol little tykes cozy coop. Guess Steph didn’t get enough LTCC time in her own when she was a little girl, or with her own 2 year old daughter’s. In her defense, Tariq did invite her in…



…just as he invited his niece in later. The irony here is I bought him the LTCC Truck for Christmas and had just put it together but now he would rather play with the old car.

For bonus points. Look very closely at the television behind Stephani and Tariq in the Cozy Coupe. Can you tell me what movie we were watching at that time? A couple hints. It’s a classic. Both actors were big stars. And it’s a huge favorite in our family. Post your guesses in the comments section of this blog entry.

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