Gosh Oh Golly Gee…

“I love my wife” just doesn’t seem to cover it. I am truly and helplessly head over heals in love with the woman I married over 25 years ago. I’ve done some things right in my life but this is a Babe Ruth out of the park and out of my mind Grand Slam. I know I am being silly. I know I fail to appreciate her. I get angry and frustrated with her….. But, those are MY failings.


I fell in love with a pretty girl with pretty eyes and a shorts skirt and slouchy socks and cute Eastland shoes, but best of all she was smart…..and ok….I admit it…. She thought I was cool. Well, I have traded cool for silly but I make her laugh…that’s something. I am in love with this woman who makes it ok to be me. So back off fellas……this is MY Babydoll.

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