Revenge of my Lawn

I have a relatively new lawnmower. By relatively new, I mean I got it this Spring. So really….It’s new. Unfortunately, I am a slacker. I let my lawn get away from me. I usually LOVE to mow. I just haven’t in a while. last weeekend I mowed the back yard. This weekedn I had to extricate a steel cable from the blades and last night I was gonna mow. However, I had let the grass reach rather epic hights. something akin to that pictured to the left. Unfortunately, even though I had the girls come out and walk point (pick up all of the debri that would damage the mower or otherwise obstruct the mowing path.) They as well as I, were unable to see the massive ammounts of what appeared to be this rope that had grown throughout my yard. It was something akin in amounts ton what is pictured to the right( ok I exagerate). In essence however I spent the majority of my evening pulling the lawnmower back into the barn, laying down next to it and extricating rope frome a tangle in the blades and thus was unable to finish the lawn.

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