Revenge of my Lawn Part Deux:The Iron Rod…Plantars…and sundry humor.

Well, I yet again set out to mow my lawn last night. But the mean old bugger had more traps in store for me. Current status of my Craftsman LT2000? Bent Blade. Culprit? A long piece of steel not unlike that pictured to the right. The story? Well, There I am, mowin along like a good Sean. I have mike standing between my legs, helping dad steer, being a good little son. All of a sudden Wham, BAM! Thud. Bluuuuuhhhh. The mower dies. I coast forward a bit. go back and look. There lays the demon steel . Blade took a hunk out of it but it bent the hell out of the blade. I tried to keep mowing and it still works but it bent the blade down and it every now and then catches the ground and digs one heck of a trench/divot out. so I had to stop. My lawn look ridiculous now. I have this huge area of tall tall grass, surrounded by an area of uneven cut grass filled with divots, surrounded by close cropped grass. I have to go and buy new blades for my mower tonight. The moral of the story? NEVERV LET YOUR GRASS GROW THAT TALL BETWEEN MOWINGS!

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