A hen pecked update and some 3 legged fun

One particular breed is all I need to complete my current hen menagerie wish list. That would be a White Leghorn. But, I have begun the exciting process of naming my hens.  At least those hens that are of physical distinction enough to rate a name.


Ida Mae, Patsy, and, Diane.  Note the resemblance?


Louise. Another hair color match in my humble opinion.


Eva.  Sometimes they won’t cooperate for a face shot.


Laura. This one is usually feisty but saw the camera and stpped to pose.


Emma. Bold.  No hiding in her.


Linda. Keeps sneaking up on me and running away cackling. I always have to keep an eye out on this lady.


Helen.  Keeps the roosters in order. Chases them when they get out of line.



Lucille.  Sweet and friendly but was hell on wheels around the chicks when I picked her up.  Just an all round different girl. I mean look at her. 


Nellie. Pretty small.  Skinny little legs.  Always around when there is something goin on.  Always something goin on when Nellie is there. But she never seems to start it.  Is just there to watch.  

I have more hens. Will name more as there personalities show. Just you wait and see.

And now for Tripoli’s table dance.


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