My eggs…other benefits of the farm life and strike a pose.

you remember my hen Emma. She’s one of me new hens,  I introduced you to her.  She’s a handsome girl.   


Emma is what they call an Easter Egger chicken or sometimes incorectly ( as she doesn’t actually meet any breed standard) Ameraucana or Auracana chicken.  The point I am getting to is what makes her most special. Her breed lays eggs in one of many shades of blue.  Emma’s shade is a very particular Tiffany shade of blue I think.  Because of it, I think it rounds out our egg haul quite nicely.   


Now, I think this little gif reminds me very much of my boys and if they ever asked I would actually find a way to build em a rodeo ring and pen just so the COULD do it.


Just to be annoying dad I am throwing this last shot up.  She looks so cut don’t you think. 


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