It’s been a while but it’s Apple’s fault.  An Update.

well I know I blew threw like a month with no blog entries.  It’s not my first time but This time it’s not MY fault.  iOS 8.3. Has my keyboard orientation really messed up and lots of times I cannot see what I am typing.  So I haven’t typed.  Still not fixed but trying.


Good news and bad news…

Bad news….

I sold My calf Tinkerbell.

Goats ate a whole thru my fence. Not uncommon.  But a local beagle came in and I lost 16 chickens.

For this and other reasons I dropped down to 1 rooster, Chauntecleer. 

Good news….

I got a new Naked Neck Rooster, Cleetus.

Good News….

I got the worlds ugliest rooster. A silky bantum that i named Cecil.


Good News….

I rebuilt my fence clampet style.(pic to come later)

Good news…

We got a lil piggy.  His name is Speck ast Pee Wee Hermqn’s dog. We also found out later this is thr German word for Bacon.


 Good news…

We got a rooster named Stephani.

Good news…

I named my polish chick Eddie after Eddie and the Cruisers.


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