Why have a farm?

imageI can show you why in just one picture.  These are two of my grandchildren, Nora and Anderson.  They are on the back of my horse Cankoowatay, Chaka for short.  My farm allows me to give them these moments. It allows them to call me Grandpa farmer Sean.


This is Buddy with my daughter Nyoka.  Buddy is a dwarf 3 legged angus steer.  Technically, he has 4 legs but on rear leg is completely crippled and useless and does not work.  His crippledness has resulted in ver poor exercise and food intake and thus drastically stunted growth.  Hence he is just the kind of oddball I am always lookin for to give a home at see me farm.  Leave it to me to find the good guys.  Buddy can pirouette on on front foot while pushing off with his good back foot.  He may never be a T bone but he can be Kevin Bacon and DANCE!





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