Kinman Farms

Hey You Guys! You may or may not remember my entry about the Kinman Farms Fall Festival last Fall.

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Well, I was up at Kinman farms yesterday looking for and talking to Aaron and found out a few neat things. Well first I found out they have a new website of there own. I am DYING to convince them to let me get my greasy little mitts in on their web design. I could finally do some web design for a friend and help someone out again. I am seriously chompin at the bit here. The other thing I learned is something that I don’t feel right telling ya. It’s Aaron’s little surprise. I suppose you’ll have ta try heading out to Kinman Farms yourself after April 20th to find out what it is. All I feel its OK to say is that it is REALLY neat. The reason I say after April 20th is that according to the Kinman Farms Site,”Kinman Farms flowers will be ready to sell April 20th. Come see all of our annual flat, hanging baskets, 1 gallon perennials, trees, and shrubs.” They go on to say,”Please remember that we grow all of our plants on our farm. This insures that the plants are hardy and suitable for our climate here!!” I can’t speak to the science behind this butt I will say this. We have bought our flowers and such from them the last few years and they are always FANTASTIC! So, be sure to check them out. Kinman Farms is located at 4175 Burlington Pike, Burlington, KY. For an arial view Check This. Ultimately….I tell ya ….It’s worth the trip.

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