A Life Update

OK just to bring you up to speed on “US”. and me.  well as you can see the Blog Migration is moving along.  I am mirroring all blog entries in both locations for the time being until the final bugs are worked out.  Thank you and we are waiting patiently on you L’IL Jeff. 

 Picking up with my family, Brontë had surgery on her mouth on Friday.  She is still a bit swollen and sore today but is doing much better.  I think she is actually enjoying life a bit because it means her favorite foods.  Mac-n-Cheese, Mash-o-Tatoes, Ice Cream, You know…a;ll the soft foods.   Mary hasn’t been feeling well at all lately but we are hoping for some improvement.  Her Doctor is working with her to try to find out what the cause is.  Mary’s Birthday was Yesterday.  NYoka’s was The 8th of November.  Nyoka and Brontë will be making an excursion to Libby Loo (sp?) soon to celebrate Nyoka’s birthday together real soon.  It was Planned for this past Saturday but with Bee’s surgery she just wasn’t up to it.  Josette, Has been growing in leaps and bounds figuratively.  She is crying and scooting all over the place.  Cruising is where she holds on to things and walks around.  Scooting is her Primary mode of transport where she scoots around on her bottom like a dog on the carpet.  Not entirely unlike this video.



Stephani is Living her Senior Year.  She has been applying to colleges.  My fingers are crossed and I am praying for BYU.  Mik…well he is good ol’ MIK.  He is my Buddy.  He has been quite the stinker lately.  Quite the big brother lately.  Very protective of Joee one minute…..puling here pigtails and taking her toys the next.

 And Me?  well I am am Am living life.  and enjoying it as best I can.  My Mbuna Tank is coming together very nicely.   The fish are staying healthy and are absolutely STUNNING.  My Tropheus have started to lose there juvenile pretty spots and are moving into there bland middle colors.  A couple are even starting to show some nice newer colorations of adulthood already.  I am already into that Winter perpetual freezin my ARSE off mode.  Oh well, gives me something to whine about.

My In-Laws are redoing our bathroom for Mary’s Birthday.  Its still about halfway there but it already looks 100% better believe it or not.  It is going to look stunning when finished.  My Brother-in_Law Doug and Sister-in_Law Therese Gave me some of Dougs clothes that he out grew.  it weird…Doug used to be the small one.  Now I am, since losing this weight.  The sweaters are great!   I love having family like this.  keeps me feeling loved.  Not that the give.  That they care.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.  I mean Doug was a life saver when I was out of work and he let me work with him landscaping.  We couldn’t have made it without him.

Well That’s it for the update.  But I will say this.  I have at least 2 more entries aching to get out real soon that are REAL entries.  Not just MeMe’s and quizzes.  So look for them soon.

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