Monday Meme 31 : 2006-12-18 : Tis the Season

Monday Meme 31 : 2005-12-19 : Tis the Season

1. Are you going anywhere for the holidays? If you could go anywhere for the holidays, where would you go?

No. I’ll be Right here in good old Kentucky. I mean we do go over to Grandma NiNi’s for Breakfast Christmas Morning and Mary takes the kids down to my parents house for a little while so they can receive there gifts from them. But then we come back home. If I could go anywhere for the Holidays it would either be Back to Cosumel, Mexico again or to Moscow. We went to Cosumel once before as a family and it was really nice to be there so close to Christmas and I would like to extend the stay OVER the Holiday once. Moscow because I have always wanted to see Russia and more specifically Moscow in the winter and what better time than Christmas.

2. What is your funniest holiday memory?

I can’t really think of a Funny Funny one. The kids playing in the Box the $400 power wheels jeep came in insteqd of with the jeep itself?

3. Do you like your presents to be a surprise, or do you ask for hints and try to peek at them?

I like the suprise. Not just my own gifts either. I don’t want to know what the kids are getting each other either. I want everyone to be as suprised as possible as much as possible. Me included.

4. Did you put up any holiday decorations this year?

Yes had them up the week before Thanksgiving.

5. Do you believe in Santa Claus? If not, did you ever? When did you stop?

Yes and no. For my kids I do…and I certainly believe in the spirit of Christmas. But that childlike belief left me around 8 years old when I discovered through kids at school and my parents.

I was the 350th person to take this week’s Monday Meme!

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