Monday Meme 33 : 2007-01-01 : Welcome to 2007

Monday Meme 33 : 2006-01-01 : Welcome to 2007

1. List 6 places you hope to visit in 2007:

– Negril Jamaica
– Virginia Beach, VA
– Mammoth Cave, Ky
– Owensboro, Ky
– Brownsville, Tx
– Gatlinburg, Tn

2. Name 6 people you hope to see more of in 2007:

-Chuck Winstead
-Grandpa Bill
-Aunt Louise
-Aunt Ida Maye
-Uncle Tommy
-Aunt Peggy
-Kenny Bruemmer

3. List 6 changes you expect to see happen in 2007:

-Stephani going away to College
-New (to us) car.
-New (for Mary or I) job.
-Mik Starts Kindergarten
-Katie Start High School
-Spiritual Changes in our household

4. Name 6 new things you’d like to do in 2007:

-Blog more
-Go on some collecting excursionms for some native fish
-Go Caving.
-Spend more time with Mary
-Read more for pleasure

5. List 6 things you plan on buying in 2007:

-a car for Stephani
-Carpet for the Girls rooms
-probably a new stove
-a couple of aquariums
-2 lionfish and a lungfish
-a computer

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