back by popular demand…

OK maybe not popular but it was fer sure by demand. Sherry dis is fer you hun!…. I know it has been a LONG TIME since I last posted but I have been a Bi-Polar induced depression and haven’t been capable of much anything useful. But now, I am sending out an update for a loyal reader who got word that she needed an update through.

Well lets see. For me, I am depressed but working on that with meds a Psychiatrist and therapy. lost my job but endeavoring to find a new one. am Very crazy. Praying alot. Reading my scriptures regularly. and receiving blessings and luck often. i received the boon of a gifted new fish tank (125 gallons) which puts me at 620 gallons total in the house. I think if I wasn’t crazy Mary would throw my out.

Mary is still at Humana and still the love of my life. I still love her dearly.

Stephani…we took her down to visit Kentucky Wesleyan a couple of weeks ago and she really liked it alot. It was for an open house. and they were really stoked about steph. Its kinda neat. it sounded like they were willing to up her scholarship to keep her.

Tough thing is, less than a week later she gets her acceptance letter from BYU (Brigham Young University). This brought a wave of Excitement and Euphoria throughout the house and the Church Ward. I mean we all love this. It is VERY difficult to get accepted into this school. I am not kidding. Our bishop made an announcement about Her acceptance at church this morning and everything.
Then Yesterday she got and acceptance letter to Berea college. Steph will be flying out to Utah to visit BYU the first week of April.

Katie, she is doing well. Katie got a cockatiel for a pet. his name is Petey Pablo. He doesn’t like being out of his cage. Gives him the rickets kinda. He can do a wolf whistle though.

Brontë, well she isn’t doing so bad either. plugging along. her math grades are coming right on up with her tutoring. she really is improving alot.

Nyoka has been working alot to prepare for her Play. She is a Coyote in it. Give her room on the stage I say.

Mikhail is my bud! he does the coolest things. I needed to wipe my hands after eating barbecue and while looking for a napkin , he walked over held his arm out straight and said ,”use my sleeve Dad.” This may sound simple to you….but, hey….MY boy’s got my back. Then again he also climes the bush out front and says he is a Koala bear with feathers but I take what I can get.

Joee is walking now. She gives kisses. She says da da and ma ma. She know the ASL sign for Milk and Daddy. We are teaching her catfish and fish. She likes to have her hair brushed. She likes to play with the cell phone and the house phone. She has dialed 911 and has called her grandma to jabber.

So there is the update. I promise to try to get back to blogging more. In the meantime here is a TOTALLY cool video. Oh. and, Sherry, this is where I am sending you for your birthday, to the video….. not the actual place….I am crazy , and jobless….not rich. Heesh.

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