An Apple a day may keep the doctor away, but….

Ammonia a day kills my frikkin catfish. It Breaks my heart but I have lost Mr. Wyckii. 2 years I have loved and fed that fella. he has smiled back at me from in his pot. He has fed from my fingers. He was sincerely my fishy buddy. Now he is one of there fatalities this weekend. Friday Morning, Saturday Morning, and Sunday Morning.

Friday Morning was a Paroon Shark that was about 18 inches long. It had looked a little off Thursday night but I wasn’t sure. No doubt about it Friday morning, he was belly u and dead on the bottom of the tank. AND, Mr Wyckii was out of his pot (very unusual behavior) and looking stressed. I wasn’t able to get the water tested on Friday and by that evening Mr wyckii looked AWFUL he was gasping and his gills were flaring. I said a little prayer and and hoped he would last the night so i could get to the pet store and get some help. Saturday morning he was gone. I did a water change. took some water up to test and found my ammonia levels were still at the very top of the scale. I got some medicine for the bacterial infections this was likely causing and recommendations to repeat water changes numerous times to bring down the ammonia levels. By Saturday evening my 20 inch Niger cat was looking bad. He was listing to one side and gasping. Sunday morning came and he was gone as well. It is very distressing as He and Mr Wyckii were two personal favorites of all of my fish. They may not have had the most extroverted personalities of my fish, but they held special places as pets and buddies in my aquarium hobby. They bought me alot of joy.

The Niger cat is fairly common and though I may or may not choose to replace him If I do It shouldn’t be too difficult if I do want to do so to find one. The Hemibagrus wyckii on the other hand could pose a different difficulty on the other hand. This is NOT your average pets store fish. Bill at House of Tropicals on Turfway Rd. did say he would help me out in locating one if I decide to try. Those guys are really great and will really treat you right.

Well I have mourned my fish publicly enough here I suppose. Hope Y’all never run into this. On a follow up…it does look like the rest of the fish in the tank will make it.

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