Monday Meme 37 : 2007-04-30 : Say What

Monday Meme 37 : 2006-01-30 : Say What

1. List 5 sayings/slang/catch phrases you say a lot:

1. Crap in one hand and want in the other and lets see which one fills up first.
2. Crap fire and save the matches!
3. love yer guts.
4. I come from a long line of po’ white trash, and I’m proud of it.
5. Hugs and Kisses on all yer pink parts.

2. Do you prefer to greet people with physical contact (handshake, hug), or just verbally (saying ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’)?

I prefer physical contact greetings. I will and do however acknowledge body language from others letting me know that they do not.

3. Do you have an accent? How would you describe your voice?

I tend to pick up accents from whoever I am around. I would describe my voice as forgettable.

4. How do you usually answer the phone? If you have an answering machine or voicemail, what does your recording say?


And, WHEN I get around to setting up a voicemail response, It is most often something humorous like “this is the refrigerator, the answering machine is on a coffee break. So leave your message with me and I will put it on my front with a megnet.”

5. Do you prefer to talk to people online (email, instant messages, etc…) or verbally (phone or in-person)?

either or is fine. But probably on line because you can “turn it off” easier. The phones can get so annoying during meals or other family time.

I was the 556th person to take this week’s Monday Meme!

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