Up The Creek….

No Its not where I am. Its where I want to be. You see, I got some bad news today. I didn’t get the Job at Children’s Hospital. It has left me feeling quite stressed. I just felt so good about the interview. It seemed like such a done deal. I was so sure I had it nailed. And then…..I find out it was a no go. It frightens me. I want an escape….a sort of get back to something I enjoy. I wanna go play in the creek for a while. Hey, at least its inexpensive. Who am I kidding, it’s Free!

My fish help me to relax. I found this video, I’d like to do something similar in my big cat’s tank. I might look into it and see what I can do. Especially if I can minimize cost as I have in the past. Collecting some boulders from the local creek could help.

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