I likes me some catfish

If you have followed my bklog all along or if you look back in the postings you will find that my favorite kind of Aquarium fish to Keep is catfish. I do believe that this is not exactly what I was getting at. I do however find it very funny. I know when I started typing this entry hat this whole catfish thing was going somewhere but I got distracted and now I don’t remember where I was going with it. That whole A-D-D flare up thing.

Today was a ruff day. My nose isn’t just running, I think its running a marathon. And the way I feel, I believe it is actually training for an Iron Man triatholon. ugh, I think I will keep the Puffs people in business by myself. I really hate it too…. I cant hardly work at anything without snot drops falling on it. I have to be careful what I take too when at work. Can’t be loopy on the ramp.

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