2 thumbs down

OK I promise this entry is probably not going where you think its. Before I head down that road however let me give you a brief update. First, Christmas, It’s has never been my favorite holiday ( that has always been Thanksgiving.) I just always feel Christmas end up being too much about chaos and disappointment. Either the usual I didnt get what I wanted, or the worse, they didn’t like what I got them. Or, any number of other issues like we have to be here at 10 AM, there at 1045 and there at noon and then there at 1145 am(yeah those are backward but it sure seems that way.). This Christmas was bad as far as they go. The Families and I mostly did pretty good in the give/receive dept and people you wanted to be around were around. Unfortunately the chaos levels were certainly off the chart. Over all I would rate it a 6 when compared to all other Christmases and this years expectations.

Now for the title point. Mary has an Autistic young man at her work who likes to tell people that they are thumb up/down or two thumbs up/down. It is actually very cute. The funny part is that he is often prompted by the “intelligent grown ups” to give a good or bad rating. Understand however that THIS is not actually what I wanted to write about. My real point is about a friend of my daughter’s that does something similar and that I,myself have put into practice. Imagine you are driving down the road an some IDIOT talking on his cell phone or putting on make up cuts you off. Now you are ticked right? The usual response for most I know is to flip him/her the bird and/or launch into a tirade of expletives at the offending driver which they can in now way hear. From here it sometimes decays into much worse, sometimes more dangerous behavior. Well, next time Instead of any of the above just flip them a thumbs down. then drive on. You may think it can’t be as satisfying but I swear 60 seconds later I feel SO much better than if I have gotten all amped up. And believe me. They are typically aware of what they have done and find the thumbs down just as irritating. Now, if YOU are the offending driver and all of a sudden someone is flipping YOU the bird and screaming at you incoherently through both the windows of their car and yours, then just throw on your absolutely goofiest smile and throw them a good ol’ thumbs up. Lets all do our part to end useless and counter-productive road rage.

Oh and, I did not forget about a New Years report. Lets just say it was utterly uneventful and most always has been as we really just stay home with the kids and start watching Dick Clark about 10 minutes before the ball drops. Then at midnight, the kids take pots and pans out to the front yard and bang on them with large metal servings spoons. Not a big deal but a fun family tradition nonetheless.

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