eyes forward

It is only 7 days into January and I am already spending an inordinate amount of time dwelling on when things will begin to thaw again. I truly detest the cold. Just this time last year I was dreaming of being in McAllen, Tx this time this year and enjoying the warmer climes. I cant tell that summer is out there down the road somewhere. Please hang in there with me. Maybe then we can enjoy it together.

Things I love about warm summer:

1. Its not cold.
2. You can step in a puddle and not get cold.
3. You can wear less clothes.
4. Children can be sent outside to play more often.
5. It gets dark MUCH later.
6. Long walks in comfortable attire, biking, skateboarding.
7. Driving with the window down
8. the car wash.
9. snow cones.
10. Ice cream cones at the Dairy Crest in Latonia.

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