Not talking about some unpopular bank money thing here. I am talking a bout a potentially bad day. No, wait. Its been a few of those days in succession.

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Now, don’t get me wrong. Pay close attention to what I say. The key word was potentially. The Jury is still out on the final description of each day. Lets see, yesterday (I think) we had a nutball neighbor we had never met come up and accuse someone in our family of breaking into his barn on New Years Eve. On what basis did he make the accusation? On New years Eve (10 days ago) he was robbed. Yesterday afternoon he found a boot print in the snow outside his window. A print from the same kind of boot was in our front yard in the snow. I explained I have Teenage daughters and lots of kids come to hang out here. He didn’t care. I explained that the boot print was not from our house. He didn’t care. I had the kids bring up every boot in the house and showed him that none of them matched. …. You guessed it, He didn’t care. When he started talking about how he would kill somebody….well Mary had me call the police. They sent him away.

Saturday, Mary and I were out for a few hours. Some time during that period the girls let Kermit out.

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we got home at 3 and at about six I noticed him missing. After hollering out the door and him not coming the 1 hour search of the neighbor hood began. May found him hiding under the furnace vent outside. Believe me thinking of your beloved HAIRLESS dog being stuck out in that cold is enough to give a guy an ulcer if he doesn’t already have one. Ultimately all was OK since he came in and melted from pupcicle status. I did vote to make the girls sleep outside in a tent that night without coats but Mary quickly vetoed the idea.

Today, I had 2 appointments at the VA in Florence and was supposed to work out with Paul. I stopped by the house after dropping Mik off at school, and what was supposed to be a quick stop turned into 2 missed appointments and no work out. One of the dogs suffered from explosive nasty diarrhea ALL OVER the house. any room they had access to was assaulted in sometimes MORE than one big spot. I have been working ever since trying to get the mess out of the carpets. I haven’t had a lot of luck so far.

So I am sure in each day there have been some sort of upsides. I just sincerely hope there will be some glorious upsides today. Everybody cross there digits for me. As shallow as the need is, you might even choose to offer a prayer on my behalf.

Oh, and any tips on getting black runny doggy doo stains out of your carpet would be GREATLY appreciated.

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