Can’t win for losin’

Before I start, let me sayI am just going to round off to the nearest hundred to keep things simple.

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On February 3rd I order a desktop computer, service package (free), and a 2 year service plan. On February 3 Best Buy charged my card 600 bucks for everything and told me that I would have my computer on 2/11. On about 2/5 I got the service package (including the supposedly waived charge). On 2/8 I received an email stating that there was a problem with the billing on my order and if I did not call they would cancel my order. Guess what I did. Yup, I called. Turns out they tried to charge me another $600 and as I did not have that additional amount available on my debit car it was denied. Best Buy’s solution is to call my card company and have them rescind the approval from the third. Problem is I am now waiting 10 days to get my money as the credit card people have to protect the company (there words not mine). So now they tell me if I want my computer (and I actually kinda need it at this point), I have to re-buy it and let them bill my card again. fortunately we had loaded money on the card on the way home from work. I said if you express ship and eat the cost, I will do it. well long story short, an hour later and a service tech telling me that he isn’t authorized to do anything to make it right, I am told that I must buy the PC, go to best buy and pick it up on the 11th (if its there), then HOPE that their credit department will decide to credit me something when I get home and call the service desk again.

The sad thing is that for the last several years I have sent 20 or 30 people to bestbuy telling them to buy for the service and the service package. Won’t make that mistake again.

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