a small sigh.

Yes I know. I haven’t been blogging much recently. No I haven’t lost the will to blog. I haven’t lost the desire.

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I have most assuredly lost the opportunity. That’s right. The most recent Eddington edition coupled with then “issues” of many of the other Eddington brattles has rendered me unavailable to both my computer AND my Ipad for up to a week at a time. Admittedly during the sometimes minute long episodes of access I have not had the desire or inspiration to blog but sufficient time has been the largest hurdle. I have enough time to blog something now and then I run into a minor lack of inspiration issue. I’m sorry but, although I have has some cute/ funny stuff happen, putting it to print is another story. When Time passes between when a funny happened and when its time to blog it… well you tell it to other people…several other people. Then it just doesn’t want to go down so funny in print. It feels stale. Guess Ill have to work on that.

Lets see. Never be Gio’s Mom and pass your exit on the expressway and subsequently say S*@+! You will in turn hear the word S*@+ 5 times while being lectured on how you shouldnt ise the word S*@+ and how much trouble you will be in if you use the word S*@+ one more time, because S*@+ is a very bad word and you should never use the word S*@+. (It’s kinda hard to stop him when if you open you mouth you know you are gonna laugh.)

OK, its not much. But, it’s what I have. Bear with me and things will smooth out.

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