Nut Frustration

OK I am NOT a handyman. I am not even remotely Handy. I wish I had a personal handyman to fix what I break. Unfortunately my wealth does not accommodate that dream. And so when Nyoka bent one of my mower blades nearly in half it fell to me to take it off. I dont mention that I must also replace it as I have not completed the take it off part. Neither of my 2 adjustable wrenches that would fit the nut will allow enough torque to turn it. So I borrowed a breaker bar from my Mechanic Aurthur Runyon(world class I might add). Problem is I don’t know the size of the nut. borrowed a 7/8 because it “looked” like it matched the adjustable. UIt was too small. I just spent 2 hours online looking through manuals and trying to get sears to tell me what the size of that nut is. Guess what? No help. I was just trying to avoid multiple trips to Arthur’s to guess at the size. I am tempted to ride my mower the 1 mile trip to Aurthurs tommorrow morning. I love the country. I love mowing. I hate maintenance. I am a Handy capable loser at being handy.

My Son Mik has an XBOX360. He likes the game Halo. If Halo IV is an average good Home Mechanic guy…..

….then the video below is me. I fear my manhood is in question.

Also ….the levell of annoyance that watching this video generates is right about 3 levels below my current state.

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