Navajo Adobe Cliff Ground Bees

OK I know I made pretty much that whole name up and it is politically incorrect but you will see why when you watch the video. I (my yard under my deck.) has been invaded by ground bees. They look like bumble bees, I just don’t know. At first we were bent on eradicating them. Now, however after finding they are extremely non aggressive (i was able to get closeup video with them buzzing around me with no mishaps. My Amish neighbor says they are VERY helpful with pollinating tomatoes. Hence, They will live on their little reservation unmolested until such time as they decide to make war (i.e. sting me). If this happens I will drown them out and obliterate all traces of their existence. I hope we can honor our treaty better than the white man has honored his over the last 2 centuries.

I have pictures as well and they are uploaded but I have to do some behind the screens stuff to make them available and frankly, I am am too sick with this Bronchitis to have the energy to do it right now. I will get them linked for you soon.

Bee Pics.

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