The worse thing about being dumb

The absolute worst thing about being so dumb is the majority of the time you don’t know stuff. Thats right. You just don’t know. This means when you NEED to know stuff, then you have to ask someone else to help you or tell you. Normally this would mean an opportunity to meet someone new and make a new friend. Problem is….I get tired of only having my random dumbitude be the only thing I have in common with people. Its not that I don’t learn. I learn from the help I get. That need just never seems to come around again. Well, sometimes it does. I have pulled up a toilet at least 20 times. I learned that one good. The lord blesses me in my life so grandly that I have all these things I need to know in order to deal with it. Fior example…he sent me my horse Bacon. Bacon is not broke. Noah taught me to saddle and puts the reins on a horse and I barely know how to ride. How do I break a horse. The people I have asked all say “I used to do that but it’s to dangerous for a family man.” Lucky for me….I am DUMB. I will break the Bacon. Now if I can just find out how.

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