How cool are your Neighbors?

Today I saw the coolest thing EVER. As I pulled up to my street on the main road(1297), there was someone coming at me. It was Eman (E-man) our new Amish neighbor from further back the road. He and his family are moving in this week. Eman was on a modified flat bed wagon pulled by two Belgians who were foaming as they pulled he massive load on the wagon. It was a workshop building roughly the size of my own .(30 or 40 by 15 or so). The coolest part was that Eman was driving the horses from inside the building through a window. I got to sit and wait for em go in ahead of me and then ride a ways slowly behind. It was a feet of engineering I say. I mean no motors to lift it and only horses to pull it. One of the amazing parts of the feat is that Eman’s old house is around 6 miles from where he will currently live. No wonder those horses were frothing. I would imagine it was a very slow process to move along the sometimes hilly and curvy route. Slow or not I wish I could have been a fly on that wall and see the entire trip.

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