There must be sumthin to blog about

Yes I know. My Blogitude is suffering most horribly the last couple months. I admit that there has been tons to blog about but Between mental issues and busy schedules I have not been able to sit down and get focused enough to type an entry. On top of that I have been mildly crabdby lately and that makes me want to say things that are less than kind about what other people do or post on Facebook, and since I have a rule about staying positive here I have kind of let things slide in order to follow that rule.

But lets see what happened lately. My uncle Junior passed on. He was 82. but he will stay with us in the legend that he was. Our Pony Fred found a new home with flat land in Bowling Green. His hips will be much happier for it. Bacon is no Green Broke but still needs a bit of work as of yet. I was in the pen with Bacon aMolly and Kai and the smaller 2 started kicking at big ol Molly and Cindy came running in and chased them out to protect me. Who ever saw a cow chase horses. She loves me. Molly is lookin much better and has put on weight. She just has a long ways ta go yet.

Last night I began teaching my cub scouts to march. one of them said he wasn’t calling cadence because she was in his class at school and he didn’t like her. I explained and we marched to McDonalds for ice creams. I like this scout leader thing.

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