Ted and it’s finally working

On Saturday Morning a local Amish named Mose delivered a Horse to us.

Sean on Ted

Sean on Ted

Its an Amish workhorse that is broke to ride, to pull a buggy, to pull a wagon, to work and all sorts of stuff.  Mose gave him to me because he doesn’t “like” to do much any of this.  He is a lazy horse and the Amish have no use for a lazy horse.  I do.  He is ridable which means that along with Kai we have two so we can go ride.  Click he Picture to see more images of Ted.  He is a smart horse but I have to learnn to be better at stearing him.  He doesnt reck rein,  which means that everything feels backward when I try to ride.


And, in case the above post isnt obvious enough, I am able to blog now.  Hopefully I will get back into the swing and do so more often.

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