Gloria Nueve

First, that is NOT her middle name. It just means something to me.  Here are ultrasound pics from from yesterday’s ultrasound to go with the heart beats.



She is definitely gonna be a thumb sucker just like her momma.  Kind of neat I think.   

I picked up a new pack n play yesterday after the ultrasound. Preparations are moving along.  Baby shower soon come, mon.

The unveiling and something special…

well yesterday I showed you a picture og Dino egg from my chickens.  Today I unveiled the contents of said egg.  Here ya go.

And on a similar note. Ok not similar but sort of related.  I have had 8 children. In 8 children I have never managed to record the heartbeat.  Well the ultrasound tech today at Bronte’s ultrasound said I could not take pictures. So I used video to capture Gloria’s heartbeat.  Yay me for being such a rebel.

My chicken is an over achiever.


One of my new hens laid this egg.  That is a store bought Large egg for comparison.  So far the eggs have been roughly the same size as that store bought egg.  One of my girls wants to solidify her place in my chicken community.  As far as I am concerned, since I have no I idea who laid it, they are all lookin pretty long term residentish to me.  From what I have read there could be one yolk inside, 2 or more yolks, or even a complete other egg inside.

The dentist as a child

When I was a child going to the dentistst usually began with storm clouds rolling in, the earth shaking, the boogie man coming out of my closet, the monster reaching from under my bed, the class bully knocking at my door, and my football coach telling me to drop.  It was a nightmare I say, I total nightmare.

Well, at Sky Dentistry here in Bowling green, Ky that has changed.


Dr Ashley and her staff make it a wonderful experience for kids and scaredy dads alike.  See Tariq happily complying with his examination in this modified JEEP examination chair?   I would recommend this office to anyone.

A Quick Blessing From Heaven

You wanna know what one of my favorite blessings from the Lord is?  When we go to church for most anything we often sing. And when we sing there is most of ten a chorister.  Most usually this is a wonderfully talented sister of the church.  And tho that’s a blessing it is not the blessing of which I speak.  The blessing of which I speak is how often I have been how often I have been able to watch and smile as smile as my youngest child (many thus far and usually a toddler) mimicked the chorister and led the singing of whatever church hymn from the pew next to me.  Seeing my son or daughter so caught up in the movement of the music brings my own connection to these words and sounds so much further that I for a brief moment am elevated so much closer to the lord no am so happy to be there.  Thank you lord for the simple moments of peace, love, and joy in my life.  

And, thank you Choristers for leaving your own families in the pews and standing before us to guide us and lead my children to lead me.

A Hen Invasion…

but that’s just normal stuff for any farm.  I had some roosters.  I wanted eggs. I got hens.  13 of em I brought home.  Nothin special.  No real story.  Though I did get some good deals ans some pretty hens.  

The real story now….


…the real story is my white crested black polish cock named David Bowie.  Get your head out of the gutter.  This fella is about as cool as they get.  Be she to note his stump and missing foot.  Yep, he’s going too fit right in here on SEE ME Farm.   And then there is also…


…his best girl mrs Tina Turner.  She is downright a sweetheart. No chasing needed to pick her up.  I’m hoping the other girls will learn to follow her lead.  

All in all it was a very good day.  Blue skies and happy, farmy times.

Jake From State Farm

Most of my blog entries include a picture or video. Some do not.  This is one that one that does not.  I will try to get a solo pic of Jake up as well as a video of what I am going to clog about as soon as I can.  Hopefully tomorrow. 

Most of my animals are guaranteed life here at See Me Farm.  By nature of odd ballness (Tripoli the three legged goat), tenacity (Pipsquauk the 3 time escape from death and return home guinea), beauty (Kai the mustang mare), and friendliness (Harv the miniature Donkey).  There are exceptions…. Random roosters that pass through on the way to the Amish to become chicken dinner, and pigs bought to become tomorrow’s bacon.  But we have one resident who has earned her permanent residency status. Jake.

Ever heard of a fist bump?  Well.  My khaki pigmy goat girl Jake apparently has.  I just put out my fist and she raises up and knocks her horns right to it.  She was already a totally freindly goat but now she is my home-nanny. So yes she is a permanent member of the VIP (Vanilla Ice Posse) here at See Me Farm.  

I really will do my best to get pic and vid up tomorrow. If I get early enough I’ll tack it on the end of this entry.

*Ok Jake was all about the ‘tude this morning.  So no video but here’s a Pic of my khaki Jake from State Farm.


*This will teach Jake to not give me fist bumps. I went back later in the day with a Christmas Tshirt belonging to Gio that I found while cleaning. Now she really is jake from State Farm. 


Just a lil snip snip in the front so she doesn’t pee on her shirt and she has her own uniform of the day. 

Harv…proud father….and today my left hand man.


Apparently this week is donkey week.  Harv is my buddy my pal my dude of miniature donkey coolness. He is Virgil’s little big daddy.  And, he is an especially personable guy. This morning he was pretty cool about being an in my pocket buddy to share the moment.  He is also a very proud father. When out in the pasture and a person or truck goes by he will hee haw and bray to show off his new son to say check out what I made!

It’s mornings like this that can make farm life good.  I know Harv is probably thinking ,”this guy makes me look goooooood.”


Say Hello To Virgil


Virgil was born to Florence and Harv on April 5, 2015, late in the evening. That make him an Easter baby.  He is very healthy and absolutely adventurous baby boy.  That is why I named him after my uncle Virgil.  I look forward to getting to know this little guy and sharing him with guests to SEE ME Farm.