A sad tail of good hopes and loss.

On friday i was given a very pretty Jersey cow that was down.  This means she was not able to stand up.  The hope was that threw the use of straps, a tree, a special tool that hooks to her hip bones, and a come alond we would be able to suspend her on her feet and help her regain circulation and use of her limbs since they all seemed intact.


Starting Friday evening, we got her up.  A very strenuous process began.  2 hours up 2 hours down with it taking about 45 minutes to move her each time around the clock.  But, she was a trooper and cooperated without too much distress even when I worked in the dark.  

By Saturday early afternoon she had full use of her front legs but still nothing in her entire rear.  Her backbone looked angled funny too.  By sundy evening we were suspecting a spinal injury and our prognosis had become very guarded as she had developed a rapidly progressing case ove bloat (swelling in the belly).

Sunday morning when i went out to raise her up again she had worked free of the straps and had dragged herself/rolled about 30 yards down the hill.  Her bloat was very bad and she was stressing very much.  By hand i pulled her around so he head faced uphill and began making preoerations to help her end her suffering. A neighbor with a skid steer will help me bury her.

My source for a gun was at church but when i went back out later she had passed.  Yes.  If pets cros the rainbow bridge i guess my little 800 lb cow girl patient has crossed the golden arches.  You know i jokingly referred to her as my Hamburger (never in her presence.) cause she was beef on the ground. But my hamburger….may the angels who milk you ever have warm hands.  I got close to you trying to save you.

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