Big Fish

Currently I own not one single Aquarium or fish. I used to be a true monster aquarist. I had a minor addiction in the hobbie several years ago.

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At the hight I had a 120 gallon tank and 2 125 gallon tanks. These were all in my living room. Unfortunately, we had to get rid of them. Tonight Joee, my 5 year old daughter, informed Mary that I should be permitted a new big tank and that her daddy likes big catfish. The neat thing is that she went on to describe one of the biggest I had, but she was less than a year old when I had it. Maybe she is a budding aquarist too. I don’t know. I can say that I like her thinking. Daddy SHOULD be allowed to get a big tank and big catfish.

I likes me some catfish

If you have followed my bklog all along or if you look back in the postings you will find that my favorite kind of Aquarium fish to Keep is catfish. I do believe that this is not exactly what I was getting at. I do however find it very funny. I know when I started typing this entry hat this whole catfish thing was going somewhere but I got distracted and now I don’t remember where I was going with it. That whole A-D-D flare up thing.

Today was a ruff day. My nose isn’t just running, I think its running a marathon. And the way I feel, I believe it is actually training for an Iron Man triatholon. ugh, I think I will keep the Puffs people in business by myself. I really hate it too…. I cant hardly work at anything without snot drops falling on it. I have to be careful what I take too when at work. Can’t be loopy on the ramp.

Up The Creek….

No Its not where I am. Its where I want to be. You see, I got some bad news today. I didn’t get the Job at Children’s Hospital. It has left me feeling quite stressed. I just felt so good about the interview. It seemed like such a done deal. I was so sure I had it nailed. And then…..I find out it was a no go. It frightens me. I want an escape….a sort of get back to something I enjoy. I wanna go play in the creek for a while. Hey, at least its inexpensive. Who am I kidding, it’s Free!

My fish help me to relax. I found this video, I’d like to do something similar in my big cat’s tank. I might look into it and see what I can do. Especially if I can minimize cost as I have in the past. Collecting some boulders from the local creek could help.

An Apple a day may keep the doctor away, but….

Ammonia a day kills my frikkin catfish. It Breaks my heart but I have lost Mr. Wyckii. 2 years I have loved and fed that fella. he has smiled back at me from in his pot. He has fed from my fingers. He was sincerely my fishy buddy. Now he is one of there fatalities this weekend. Friday Morning, Saturday Morning, and Sunday Morning.

Friday Morning was a Paroon Shark that was about 18 inches long. It had looked a little off Thursday night but I wasn’t sure. No doubt about it Friday morning, he was belly u and dead on the bottom of the tank. AND, Mr Wyckii was out of his pot (very unusual behavior) and looking stressed. I wasn’t able to get the water tested on Friday and by that evening Mr wyckii looked AWFUL he was gasping and his gills were flaring. I said a little prayer and and hoped he would last the night so i could get to the pet store and get some help. Saturday morning he was gone. I did a water change. took some water up to test and found my ammonia levels were still at the very top of the scale. I got some medicine for the bacterial infections this was likely causing and recommendations to repeat water changes numerous times to bring down the ammonia levels. By Saturday evening my 20 inch Niger cat was looking bad. He was listing to one side and gasping. Sunday morning came and he was gone as well. It is very distressing as He and Mr Wyckii were two personal favorites of all of my fish. They may not have had the most extroverted personalities of my fish, but they held special places as pets and buddies in my aquarium hobby. They bought me alot of joy.

The Niger cat is fairly common and though I may or may not choose to replace him If I do It shouldn’t be too difficult if I do want to do so to find one. The Hemibagrus wyckii on the other hand could pose a different difficulty on the other hand. This is NOT your average pets store fish. Bill at House of Tropicals on Turfway Rd. did say he would help me out in locating one if I decide to try. Those guys are really great and will really treat you right.

Well I have mourned my fish publicly enough here I suppose. Hope Y’all never run into this. On a follow up…it does look like the rest of the fish in the tank will make it.

back by popular demand…

OK maybe not popular but it was fer sure by demand. Sherry dis is fer you hun!…. I know it has been a LONG TIME since I last posted but I have been a Bi-Polar induced depression and haven’t been capable of much anything useful. But now, I am sending out an update for a loyal reader who got word that she needed an update through.

Well lets see. For me, I am depressed but working on that with meds a Psychiatrist and therapy. lost my job but endeavoring to find a new one. am Very crazy. Praying alot. Reading my scriptures regularly. and receiving blessings and luck often. i received the boon of a gifted new fish tank (125 gallons) which puts me at 620 gallons total in the house. I think if I wasn’t crazy Mary would throw my out.

Mary is still at Humana and still the love of my life. I still love her dearly.

Stephani…we took her down to visit Kentucky Wesleyan a couple of weeks ago and she really liked it alot. It was for an open house. and they were really stoked about steph. Its kinda neat. it sounded like they were willing to up her scholarship to keep her.

Tough thing is, less than a week later she gets her acceptance letter from BYU (Brigham Young University). This brought a wave of Excitement and Euphoria throughout the house and the Church Ward. I mean we all love this. It is VERY difficult to get accepted into this school. I am not kidding. Our bishop made an announcement about Her acceptance at church this morning and everything.
Then Yesterday she got and acceptance letter to Berea college. Steph will be flying out to Utah to visit BYU the first week of April.

Katie, she is doing well. Katie got a cockatiel for a pet. his name is Petey Pablo. He doesn’t like being out of his cage. Gives him the rickets kinda. He can do a wolf whistle though.

Brontë, well she isn’t doing so bad either. plugging along. her math grades are coming right on up with her tutoring. she really is improving alot.

Nyoka has been working alot to prepare for her Play. She is a Coyote in it. Give her room on the stage I say.

Mikhail is my bud! he does the coolest things. I needed to wipe my hands after eating barbecue and while looking for a napkin , he walked over held his arm out straight and said ,”use my sleeve Dad.” This may sound simple to you….but, hey….MY boy’s got my back. Then again he also climes the bush out front and says he is a Koala bear with feathers but I take what I can get.

Joee is walking now. She gives kisses. She says da da and ma ma. She know the ASL sign for Milk and Daddy. We are teaching her catfish and fish. She likes to have her hair brushed. She likes to play with the cell phone and the house phone. She has dialed 911 and has called her grandma to jabber.

So there is the update. I promise to try to get back to blogging more. In the meantime here is a TOTALLY cool video. Oh. and, Sherry, this is where I am sending you for your birthday, to the video….. not the actual place….I am crazy , and jobless….not rich. Heesh.

Blogger’s Block

writers block
I have been  in a major blogging slump lately in case you haven’t noticed and I am sure you have.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write.  It’s more that I haven’t been able to write.  I just haven’t been able to get the words to flow.  Not that I don’t have time or that Nothing is going on in my life.  I just have been mentally blocked.  So, I am gonna try here today.  

For starters an update on life.  booWe are up to 5 dogs in the Eddington household.  Mandy,Frankey and Squirt are all old standbys that you know to well.  Zoey I introduced you to recently.  And now we also have Boo (short for Boadicea).  Boo is a long haired dachshund.She is about 9 months old and kinda reddish brown colored.  She is very sweet and definitely squirts new girlfriend.  Sorry I have no pictures.   She sleeps either in bed with me or on the couch with Mary when Mary falls asleep out there with Baby Joee.

Momma cat had a litter of 5 kittens, we found homes for 4 and kept one black kitten which we named Emo for Katie.  We also had to get rid of  our cat Moo.  I was very attached to her and her behavior of “nursing” on you while you pet her.  Unfortunately, she took to the most unacceptable habit of walking up and peeing on you while you lay on the couch watching TV or sleeping.  she peed on my twice (and I don’t mean mark, I mean fully relieved herself in the center of my back.), on Mary’s mother once when they spent the night and were sleeping in Stephani’s bed, and the last straw was when she peed on Mary’s head one night.  That pretty much clinched it.   We had had her to the vet and she checked out fine. So she had to go.

My 125 gallon Mbuna tank is PACKED now.  mbuna tankA Gentleman in Ohio gave me about 15 large Cichlids for it plus the ones I already had and a few I have picked up here and there.  Having this many in there requires more frequent water changes but believe it or not it very much has cut down on aggression in the tank and  really has them all colored up beautifully.  I even have one female MouthBrooder holding eggs.  It is truly turning into a beautiful tank.  My tropheus are getting to be really personable in their 120 gallon tank as well.  Mr Wickii and the Niger Catfish are both getting more active and social in their 90 gallon tank.  Mr potato head (my electric catfish) in his 20 gallon tall tank is  shy as usual. Steph’s peacock’s in her 29 gallon Tank have begun to color up beautifully and it serves its purpose as a night light for her well.  My native fish in their 29 gallon tank are doing very well,, with the dominant crawdad displaying HUGE curved claws.  Katie’s 20 gallon long  tank is well stocked with some odds and ends for color and about 15 various cichlid fry that I am growing out  until we get Nyoka’s 20 gallon Long and stand from an Aquarium friend of mine.  Yes ANOTHER tank.  But, Nyoka DID ask for one and Mary DOES know about it. Oh and there is one more little 10 gallon tank with some mollies in it too.

OK…now on to the family and away from the critters.  Steph has been applying for other scholarships.  Still waiting to Here from WKU and BYU.  She goes to school, goes to work, goes to church, goes to seminary, and maintains her social life.  Honestly….I do NOT know how she does it.  Katie, has really been improving in so many ways. She has been much more help around the house and I can see genuine effort on her part to do so many thing she wasn’t even interested in attempting to be a part of before.  I look forward to see her reaping the benefits of this turnaround.  Brontë at times seems to get caught up in the flow but is trying very hard.  Nyoka has loads going on in her life.  She is set to be baptised at 4 pm on February 4th and is VERY excited about that.  She has been meeting with the elders at church to go through her lessons in preparation and make sure she is fully prepared.  She also has signed up for the Talent show at school in March.  I think she is doing a Britney Spears song.( Not Dad’s first choice of artists I assure you)  And then in May her class is putting on a play about the TeePee Folk and the Coyotes (So much for Political Correctness).  Mik has been Mr Dinosaurs,Cars and Trains as usual with just a hint more DVD than in the past.  However, he is taking a bit more interest in my fish tanks than in the past as I believe I have mentioned in a more recent Blog entry.  And then there is poor Joee.  She has been battling with recurring double ear infections.  Suffice it to say that she has NOT been a happy camper with regards to these.  High fevers, glassy eyes, runny nose, snuggles with dad(I won’t even pretend this part doesn’t make dad a happy camper), the whole gambit.   She IS able to have here hair pulled up in 2 pigtails and wear barrettes now though.  She is getting to be a big girl.  She still isn’t quite walking on her own yet, although she has taken a few tentative solo steps here and there.

And so, for me, why am I blocked?  Not enough fiber in my diet?  I don’t know.  cheeseToo much cheese or bread?  Who’s to say?  I just have been a bit down lately.  I have a GCAS Swap Meet coming up February 10th.  All the good in the Kids lives is good in mine as well.  I did hurt my back at work and that sucked.  I was released back to work unrestricted yesterday though.  Not that I was OUT of work long or anything.  Just with lifting restrictions and such.  It has become rather a stressful place to be, I can say that though.  Trust me, it’s not that I don’t appreciate what I do have.  I truly do.  I have a wonderful bunch of kids.  I have a zoo/aquarium of my own to enjoy in my home.  I have a wife that is da BOMB in so many ways I can’t even begin to explain but lets just start by saying she puts up with me.  Maybe at times I just wish I could have these things in a different location or under slightly different circumstances if you get my drift.  Maybe Brownsville.  Maybe a different J-O-B.  Maybe Brer Rabbit and Uncle Reemus are right along with Buckaroo Banzai.  “No Matter where you go, there you are.”  I don’t know.  I’ll honestly try to blog more often and more meaningfully….oh and less depressingly *wink*.  And, BTW, I’ll pass on the cheese with my whine….just in case that IS what has me blocked.

Monday Meme 33 : 2007-01-01 : Welcome to 2007

Monday Meme 33 : 2006-01-01 : Welcome to 2007

1. List 6 places you hope to visit in 2007:

– Negril Jamaica
– Virginia Beach, VA
– Mammoth Cave, Ky
– Owensboro, Ky
– Brownsville, Tx
– Gatlinburg, Tn

2. Name 6 people you hope to see more of in 2007:

-Chuck Winstead
-Grandpa Bill
-Aunt Louise
-Aunt Ida Maye
-Uncle Tommy
-Aunt Peggy
-Kenny Bruemmer

3. List 6 changes you expect to see happen in 2007:

-Stephani going away to College
-New (to us) car.
-New (for Mary or I) job.
-Mik Starts Kindergarten
-Katie Start High School
-Spiritual Changes in our household

4. Name 6 new things you’d like to do in 2007:

-Blog more
-Go on some collecting excursionms for some native fish
-Go Caving.
-Spend more time with Mary
-Read more for pleasure

5. List 6 things you plan on buying in 2007:

-a car for Stephani
-Carpet for the Girls rooms
-probably a new stove
-a couple of aquariums
-2 lionfish and a lungfish
-a computer

I was the 341st person to take this week’s Monday Meme!

Friday’s Feast – Feast One Hundred & Twenty One

Friday’s Feast – Friday, December 08, 2006
Which language would you like to learn and why?
Spanish.  I already have several years of it under my belt from WAY back in high school.  I love the Hispanic culture and want to move down to the Mexican border to Brownsville Texas and Teach there.  I would love to be Bilingual.  If not Spanish then I would love to become fluent in Russian.  I know, the two languages aren’t exactly similar but it is the next language that I would like to learn.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard or read so far this week?
It would probably just be time spent playing with Mik and Joee.  Those two can be real characters.  Last night I had her tucked her inside my coat to keep her (actually me) warmer, and she was playing a game with a little cardboard doll where she was sticking it in my mouth and I would close my mouth over it .  If I didn’t open up soon enough for her tastes then she would stick her bottom lip out and pretend to pout and cry to make daddy open up for her.  Yeah she knows who is boss when it comes to Daddy all right.

Which movie was so bad you couldn’t watch the whole thing?
Ugh, there are some REAL doozies out there.  The sad thing is I can’t  seem to bring to mind a sing movie that I can name right now that I had to turn off.  I know I Hate Paula Dean on the Food Channel. Does that count? No? alright.  Let me think.  Thelma and Louise?  I pretty much tanked that one.  

Main Course
If there were a holiday in your honor that didn’t use your actual name, what would the day be called?
St. Geektrick’s Day.  The Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society Bi-Annual Fish Auction and Swap Meet?  I told ya St. Geektrics Day.

Name one movie which is coming out soon that you would like to see.

The Transformers Movie

Definitely St. Geektric’s Day

A Life Update

OK just to bring you up to speed on “US”. and me.  well as you can see the Blog Migration is moving along.  I am mirroring all blog entries in both locations for the time being until the final bugs are worked out.  Thank you and we are waiting patiently on you L’IL Jeff. 

 Picking up with my family, Brontë had surgery on her mouth on Friday.  She is still a bit swollen and sore today but is doing much better.  I think she is actually enjoying life a bit because it means her favorite foods.  Mac-n-Cheese, Mash-o-Tatoes, Ice Cream, You know…a;ll the soft foods.   Mary hasn’t been feeling well at all lately but we are hoping for some improvement.  Her Doctor is working with her to try to find out what the cause is.  Mary’s Birthday was Yesterday.  NYoka’s was The 8th of November.  Nyoka and Brontë will be making an excursion to Libby Loo (sp?) soon to celebrate Nyoka’s birthday together real soon.  It was Planned for this past Saturday but with Bee’s surgery she just wasn’t up to it.  Josette, Has been growing in leaps and bounds figuratively.  She is crying and scooting all over the place.  Cruising is where she holds on to things and walks around.  Scooting is her Primary mode of transport where she scoots around on her bottom like a dog on the carpet.  Not entirely unlike this video.



Stephani is Living her Senior Year.  She has been applying to colleges.  My fingers are crossed and I am praying for BYU.  Mik…well he is good ol’ MIK.  He is my Buddy.  He has been quite the stinker lately.  Quite the big brother lately.  Very protective of Joee one minute…..puling here pigtails and taking her toys the next.

 And Me?  well I am am Am living life.  and enjoying it as best I can.  My Mbuna Tank is coming together very nicely.   The fish are staying healthy and are absolutely STUNNING.  My Tropheus have started to lose there juvenile pretty spots and are moving into there bland middle colors.  A couple are even starting to show some nice newer colorations of adulthood already.  I am already into that Winter perpetual freezin my ARSE off mode.  Oh well, gives me something to whine about.

My In-Laws are redoing our bathroom for Mary’s Birthday.  Its still about halfway there but it already looks 100% better believe it or not.  It is going to look stunning when finished.  My Brother-in_Law Doug and Sister-in_Law Therese Gave me some of Dougs clothes that he out grew.  it weird…Doug used to be the small one.  Now I am, since losing this weight.  The sweaters are great!   I love having family like this.  keeps me feeling loved.  Not that the give.  That they care.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.  I mean Doug was a life saver when I was out of work and he let me work with him landscaping.  We couldn’t have made it without him.

Well That’s it for the update.  But I will say this.  I have at least 2 more entries aching to get out real soon that are REAL entries.  Not just MeMe’s and quizzes.  So look for them soon.