Charlie to the rescue!

I got hacked. I am sure most of you already know first hand but I did. It was a very unpleasant experience but I did. I was hacked and hijacked and I no longer have the knowledge has the knowledge and skill to fix it myself. I called on old friends but still couldn’t solve the problem. Then I stumbled across Charlie’s ad on Craigslist. He helped me help myself, directed me to my host and helped me some more. I hope to become good friends with Charlie. I promise to tell more about Charlie in a later entry once I have met him in person.

There must be sumthin to blog about

Yes I know. My Blogitude is suffering most horribly the last couple months. I admit that there has been tons to blog about but Between mental issues and busy schedules I have not been able to sit down and get focused enough to type an entry. On top of that I have been mildly crabdby lately and that makes me want to say things that are less than kind about what other people do or post on Facebook, and since I have a rule about staying positive here I have kind of let things slide in order to follow that rule.

But lets see what happened lately. My uncle Junior passed on. He was 82. but he will stay with us in the legend that he was. Our Pony Fred found a new home with flat land in Bowling Green. His hips will be much happier for it. Bacon is no Green Broke but still needs a bit of work as of yet. I was in the pen with Bacon aMolly and Kai and the smaller 2 started kicking at big ol Molly and Cindy came running in and chased them out to protect me. Who ever saw a cow chase horses. She loves me. Molly is lookin much better and has put on weight. She just has a long ways ta go yet.

Last night I began teaching my cub scouts to march. one of them said he wasn’t calling cadence because she was in his class at school and he didn’t like her. I explained and we marched to McDonalds for ice creams. I like this scout leader thing.

Grey and Dreary

Once upon a Glasgow Dreary, I was sitting (trying to think of something that rhymes with Dreary). OK, I am no Edgar Allen Poe. But, then again, he did not live in Smith’s Grove,Ky. If he had he would have been a much more cheery (hey that rhymes with Dreary) guy. Yes, kit is indeed a horrid grey wet nasty day. It’s damp and cold and icky to look at. And this recipe for morbidness of mind is useless. For when I gaze out through that damp haze at the mud and muck, I see 2 horses grazing and a black heifer calf literally cavorting around in the rain. It is impossible for me not to smile. Actually laughter is mostly guaranteed when you see a calf cavort and be ignored by two horses. Cinderelli, Cinderelli, dance for horses, Cinderelli! And then beyond that dancing cow girl (not to be confused with cowgirl.), right at the top of the rise, I see my Amish neighbors’ homes. And in my minds eye I see them warm and cozy studiously at work staving off boredom just as I am, and I smile even more. This is my home. This is MY home. That’s right. I own it. And as the drizzle falls, and the cold chills, as the mud becomes Muck, and Giovanni sits her watching Scooby Doo on the TV…..I am happy.

a small sigh.

Yes I know. I haven’t been blogging much recently. No I haven’t lost the will to blog. I haven’t lost the desire.

Click Me

I have most assuredly lost the opportunity. That’s right. The most recent Eddington edition coupled with then “issues” of many of the other Eddington brattles has rendered me unavailable to both my computer AND my Ipad for up to a week at a time. Admittedly during the sometimes minute long episodes of access I have not had the desire or inspiration to blog but sufficient time has been the largest hurdle. I have enough time to blog something now and then I run into a minor lack of inspiration issue. I’m sorry but, although I have has some cute/ funny stuff happen, putting it to print is another story. When Time passes between when a funny happened and when its time to blog it… well you tell it to other people…several other people. Then it just doesn’t want to go down so funny in print. It feels stale. Guess Ill have to work on that.

Lets see. Never be Gio’s Mom and pass your exit on the expressway and subsequently say S*@+! You will in turn hear the word S*@+ 5 times while being lectured on how you shouldnt ise the word S*@+ and how much trouble you will be in if you use the word S*@+ one more time, because S*@+ is a very bad word and you should never use the word S*@+. (It’s kinda hard to stop him when if you open you mouth you know you are gonna laugh.)

OK, its not much. But, it’s what I have. Bear with me and things will smooth out.

Gio and My Favorites

From time to time, think of lists of my favorite thing. Food, animals, activities and to day it is Movies. While I only have one of Gio’s discussions of his first favorite film, I will try to get more.

For me it was actually very difficult to actually place each favorite in a list by preference. Fortunately, I made it.

Top Five

#5 Deuce Bigalow – Now, to many, this movie is annoying or at least overly silly. I can accept hat many nearly detest this bit of Hollywood. For Me though, I adore this movie. I suppose its the underdog story coupled with message that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and caring, regardless of appearance or disability. In addition it shows us that there can be friendship rewards of friendship for doing just that. I saw this movie 17 times in the theater. 12 of those times were over the summer every Friday with a different coworker endeavoring to share my love for this gem. Before you freak all but one viewing were at the Cheapy Theater. I say the movie so often that the staff stopped asking which movie for my ticket and they once pointed out that there were other movies available.

#4 Avatar – Now this one caught me off guard. I thought it was that kung fu kids TV show come movie. Instead I got this astounding collection of visual fact, fast paced plot, and spectacular characters. I first saw this on my computer so the effects were often stunted but I still loved it. I watched it 6 times in the first to weeks. When I finally saw it in the theater, it was in3D. WOW! My only complaint was that I wish I could watch 3D withut the glasses.

#3 Lord Of The Rings – This trilogy (and yes I am counting this as a single movie as the story is a single story.) is a favorite for much the same reasons that I like Avatar, The story though, is a piece of my own reading history as a “tween.” One of my original forays into Fantasy, and one of my favorites. I think the casting was phenomenal and the director and writers did an excellent job of following the original story. This one easily makes my tip five. I have more than once pulled a dvd viewing marathon in one day and have more often watched one a day for 3 days.

#2 Radio – I am not truly sure what one thing about this movie makes it hold so tight to the #2 spot. Cuba Gooding Jr. makes a showing that should have won him 12 Oscars himself (not sure how that would work). I know the that the movie is so deep and sweet but I also found it to be fun at times and tragic am others. Being based on a true story, it made me want to meet the real Radio.

#1 Book of Mormon Movie – This one transcends merely being my favorite. Being the first of a series of 10 that may never occur due to budget issues, this movie was also spectacular especially given a that it is a “church” movie. I don’t care if you are LDS or not, I think you should see this movie. It is much from the same ilk as Charleton Heston, only if is far more accurate. This also made Nephi to be my favorite scriptural characters. My only regret is that there May be no more.

Honorable Mentions(In no particular order)

Darby O’Gill and the Little People – I know this one is an old one but when I first saw it as a child the magic within enchanted me. It still does too. My on children love to watch it with me. It is entertaining, very funny, and most importantly stars Sean Connery at his most Handsome along with Janet Munroe looking positively lovely. The Irish setting and Leprechauns serve to add an additional level of interest.

The Scarlet Pimpernel – A second movie from my child, this offing is set as an adventurer film during the French revolution. The main character, THe Scarlet Pimpernel a dashing Hero is a very super hero-esqure character with his very sill, prissy, foppy alter ego Percy. A very fun and entertaining offering indeed.

The Quiet Man – Another fine Irish movie from years far past. It is also a fun movie that serves as one of my childhood favorites that has held true to today. Again, my little guys love to watch it with me to this very day. My only and biggest question about this movie is why haven’t the feminazis tried to have it banned yet. I mean, as in many John Wayne movies he turns his new wife over his knee and gives her a right good spanking for her impudence. In another Scene and elder woman offers him a stick with witch to beat his wife (Maureen O’hara). I can only say that I am glad I already have my own own copy before one of them takes a notion to go after this gem.

A side note: the original Star Wars trilogy(episode 4,5, and 6) would have made the top five list were it not for the existance of the more recent trilogy (episodes 1,2, and 3). I detest those three with a passion and see them as a blight on the original series.

Now I am certain that there are many more that could make the honorable menttion list but these are the ones I thought of and found worth writing about. A couple of others would be anything from the 1950’s Japanese Godzilla movies (note a trend in older movies), Tron (the original), Conan (the original with Arnold), Jumpers, The Full Monty, Army of Darkness, Land of the lost.

Can’t win for losin’

Before I start, let me sayI am just going to round off to the nearest hundred to keep things simple.

Click Me

On February 3rd I order a desktop computer, service package (free), and a 2 year service plan. On February 3 Best Buy charged my card 600 bucks for everything and told me that I would have my computer on 2/11. On about 2/5 I got the service package (including the supposedly waived charge). On 2/8 I received an email stating that there was a problem with the billing on my order and if I did not call they would cancel my order. Guess what I did. Yup, I called. Turns out they tried to charge me another $600 and as I did not have that additional amount available on my debit car it was denied. Best Buy’s solution is to call my card company and have them rescind the approval from the third. Problem is I am now waiting 10 days to get my money as the credit card people have to protect the company (there words not mine). So now they tell me if I want my computer (and I actually kinda need it at this point), I have to re-buy it and let them bill my card again. fortunately we had loaded money on the card on the way home from work. I said if you express ship and eat the cost, I will do it. well long story short, an hour later and a service tech telling me that he isn’t authorized to do anything to make it right, I am told that I must buy the PC, go to best buy and pick it up on the 11th (if its there), then HOPE that their credit department will decide to credit me something when I get home and call the service desk again.

The sad thing is that for the last several years I have sent 20 or 30 people to bestbuy telling them to buy for the service and the service package. Won’t make that mistake again.

A not so deep thought

I don’t think dogs like to box. Most any dog but especially Basset hounds. It might have something to do with the short legs/arms or even the lack of fists with which to hit opponents. My Frankey doesn’t seem to care with it for the most part. I’m not really privy to his views on Mixed martial Arts at this point. I would venture to guess its not on his list of sports to pursue though.

I tried to find a picture to go with this entry. Apparently NO Basset Hounds like to box or even like boxing. Hence I was unable to find a single image in Google image search that dealt with the combined subject. I suppose my theory is pretty well backed up. Then again it could be a basset fight club. What’s the first rule of basset fight club?……come on you know.

eyes forward

It is only 7 days into January and I am already spending an inordinate amount of time dwelling on when things will begin to thaw again. I truly detest the cold. Just this time last year I was dreaming of being in McAllen, Tx this time this year and enjoying the warmer climes. I cant tell that summer is out there down the road somewhere. Please hang in there with me. Maybe then we can enjoy it together.

Things I love about warm summer:

1. Its not cold.
2. You can step in a puddle and not get cold.
3. You can wear less clothes.
4. Children can be sent outside to play more often.
5. It gets dark MUCH later.
6. Long walks in comfortable attire, biking, skateboarding.
7. Driving with the window down
8. the car wash.
9. snow cones.
10. Ice cream cones at the Dairy Crest in Latonia.