My Farm Hand

How do you make a napkin dance?  You put a little boogie in it!


The same can be said to be true of your farm help.  Tariq will boogie down whenever we do farm work if called upon to do so.  And with summer break starting soon I’ll have him ridin shotgun full time again true farm hand style. I’ve sure missed havin my boy around while he was off doin important school in stuff.

bell he’ll be back in time to introduce the pulleys to the flock.  And maybe acquire a few new oddballs.

image image image

Maybe he’ll go with me to a couple swap meets or a live stock sale or two.  I know hill help me build fences and work on the barn and take care of his horse Chaka.lets see what we learn this summer.

Another namesake

we got a new buckling last Saturday evening.  He is a Pygmy Nigerian and is barely weaned.  He was born with the name Buck but we have dubbed him lil Willy in honor of Mary’s highschool best friend.

lil Willy spends his days outside and his night in a playpen in our master bathroom.  He has already gained Mary’s approval and affections by giving her kisses and chewing on her hair ( cuter than it sounds).  He also is quite adventurous as you can see.




Why have a farm?

imageI can show you why in just one picture.  These are two of my grandchildren, Nora and Anderson.  They are on the back of my horse Cankoowatay, Chaka for short.  My farm allows me to give them these moments. It allows them to call me Grandpa farmer Sean.


This is Buddy with my daughter Nyoka.  Buddy is a dwarf 3 legged angus steer.  Technically, he has 4 legs but on rear leg is completely crippled and useless and does not work.  His crippledness has resulted in ver poor exercise and food intake and thus drastically stunted growth.  Hence he is just the kind of oddball I am always lookin for to give a home at see me farm.  Leave it to me to find the good guys.  Buddy can pirouette on on front foot while pushing off with his good back foot.  He may never be a T bone but he can be Kevin Bacon and DANCE!





The more things change…


It’s started with just little ol’ tinkerbell. She wasn’t any bigger than a bit o nothing. I could pick her up and carry her round.

Below is my latest attempt.


At 5 weeks old. Lifting my baby tink just ain’t gonna happen. She’s still my little girl but I am not that big burly strong farm man. I tried but I believe I may have strained something bad. I sure hope not. Mary will kill me. I have appoints to drive kids to. Wish me the best and perhaps wish me some wisdom that I might not do such foolish things.

Tinkerbell has landed

Sometime 6 and 10 pm on December 7th, Cinderella gave birth to a beautiful black calf girl that my granddaughter has named Tinkerbell.



She was born on Joe’s farm. His wife Ida was first to see her.

She is very friendly. Not at all skittish. Even around dogs.

She is half angus, quarter Holstein, and quarter jersey.

We look forward to raising her up to be a big ol’ girl.

more. More chickens. And more on chickens.

Lots of family came to visit this past weekend. Kai and Ted got to ride and Bacon got to spend cuddle time with my brother in law Johnny. The puppies were a hit. Doo was a smashing success as a show off rooster. Fun was had by all.

I have 2 new white leghorn hens named scuzzy and mad dog. Also I got a white silky hen named wuzzy and a white silky rooster named fuzzy. They gave us our first 2 farm eggs yesterday.

I also brought home some new chicks. 16 total of varying breeds to ensure color and variety. I have a few sample pics.



The second pic shows what he will look like as an adult and who he will resemble as an adult. His or her name is Larry.



This is Moe the chick. And a picture or what he or she will look like when grown up.



Finally, this is Curly. curly and moe are the same breed just different colors. They are called naked neck chickens. There are numerous other breeds but these stand out as favorites. Along with buff orpingtons and Rhode Island reds. I’ll see what else I like once they are grown.

My rooster thinks he’s a dog.

It’s been a crazy weekend here in our house. Lots of turmoil and a mandated break from common technology for everyone in the house. Hope I haven’t let too many people down but at times like this family comes first. Just steeling some time away to post this on my IPAD. Well on to the fun part of the weekend.


Doo is the coolest rooster in the world. Johnnie Daniels’ Epsom salts have doo all kinds of mobile. He follows us up on the porch and dashes into the house whenever we open the door. He likes to sit in the middle of the floor and watch tv and LOVES to jump up in HIS chair.


His other doglike behavior that I just noticed is that he likes to exhibit is that he likes to hang around close by when I grill. You would think he would high tail it at the first wiff of barbecue. But, no, this chicken wants his fair Share. I love my animals.

16 and counting


Lots of baby chicks. Not as many as we hoped but lots. Still more coming. One appears to be making a cool comeback. The make really cute noises and often appear oblivious to us. It’s ok though. We will look out for them like mamas.

A Doo addition…and some new additions.

That’s right. There’s a new cock of the walk on the Eddington farm. His name is Doolittle. And he actually doesn’t walk yet. He has something wrong with one foot that I have to try to splint. I saved him from being Amish dinner cause he is so friendly. He also loves to crow.


We also have 8 new basset hound pups. 7 boys and 1 girls. 2 boys and a girl are spoken for. They are a cute bunch born 4/19/14. Momma and babies are doin well.