Ok I have had enuff.

That’s right. I said it. I said it clear and I meant it. I don’t want anymore cold. I can ride my horses. I always feel pressured to finish what I am doing and get back indoors so I never enjoy the little experiences like chasing my horses when the get out and eat my Amish neighbor’s wagon of corn feed and loving on my cow which I don’t even do cause its too darn cold. My car warms up WAY to slow to enjoy driving anywhere. I could put some cardboard and fix it but its to cold to wimp my wimpy wimpness out there and work to do it. I am ready for spring. I am ready for long horse rides and , driving the wagon, and breakin Bacon, lovins from Cindy the cow, going to the caves, plowing, planting, hanging with my Amish Homies. Just the General good times. Somebody ax the groundhog and bring me some spring! I wanna grill me some steaks while I stand in front of the grill instead of run in and out of the house.

Best Laid Plans

Well,  I had planned to get individual picks of all of my livestock to show their growth and the progress some of them have made in recuperating from the neglect they experienced under previous owners.  Some of it is still quite evident and very depressing,  I just wanted to show how much better they were doing now.  I also wanted to show how big my Girlfriend cow has been getting.  What with The crud seasons coming, backgrounds for shots are gonna be poor and their winter coats will make them look far less sleek.  Unfortunately, it rainy and wet and is supposed to stay that way for a few days.  Halloween is supposed to be down right nasty all day.  I will merely have to wait and see what comes in the following days.   I will say that the cruddy weather makes my horses and cow happy to see me.  I think they know I have food but also that i have kind words and lovins for them.  Nothin like a 5 AM cowlick from a sweet heifer who knows you are happy to see her.  Or, when the beautiful white mustang (a la Lone Ranger) tucks your shoulder under her chin and gives you a horsey hug before she starts eating.  That my friends is the best part of waking up.

Evenings are a different kind of fun.  Mornings are rushed as I have to get back to the house and get the kids off to school and help Mary get of for her day.  In the evening I have time and the horses know it.

Cocklebur fruit (Fresh seed)

They want their food but they take their time. And this is the time that I try to get the cockleburs combed from their mains and tails.  There is no experience anywhere on earth that compares to combing out a horses tale and feeling that ever so strange but forceful breeze waft right into your face.  That my friends is when you know that you are truly loved .  They talk about Cows and Methane but I have never has My heifer assaulted me in this way.  Just my horses.  And my horses always turn their big ol’ horse head back to look me in the eye as if to judge my reaction.   And my reaction is typically the same.  I roll my eyes and say something along the lines of  “Nice.”  But all in all when the combing is done and the cackle burs have migrated from their mane and tail to my clothing, I know I have done a good thing.   I know especially that even if they don’t realize it…combing the tail hairs where they lay in their butt crack was a true kindness and they will be blessed for that extra effort on my part.  Seriously, take a few moments.  Pause.  close your eyes and imagine just for a moment walking for the day with one of these monsters in the picture wedged in YOUR butt crack.  No.  I don’t think so.  I too think you would not like that at all.  So bless to beasts and the children and bless the farmer wannabe who combs the cockle bur out of the beasts butt crack.


How cool are your Neighbors?

Today I saw the coolest thing EVER. As I pulled up to my street on the main road(1297), there was someone coming at me. It was Eman (E-man) our new Amish neighbor from further back the road. He and his family are moving in this week. Eman was on a modified flat bed wagon pulled by two Belgians who were foaming as they pulled he massive load on the wagon. It was a workshop building roughly the size of my own .(30 or 40 by 15 or so). The coolest part was that Eman was driving the horses from inside the building through a window. I got to sit and wait for em go in ahead of me and then ride a ways slowly behind. It was a feet of engineering I say. I mean no motors to lift it and only horses to pull it. One of the amazing parts of the feat is that Eman’s old house is around 6 miles from where he will currently live. No wonder those horses were frothing. I would imagine it was a very slow process to move along the sometimes hilly and curvy route. Slow or not I wish I could have been a fly on that wall and see the entire trip.

Farm livin’ is the life for me……

I love living her in Smith’s Grove. You could call it Glasgow, or Bowling Green or even just Railton. But, I call it heaven. My kids are happy and see and doo things they never would have in our past lives. Room to run. Animals to know. Its all here. Mary has access to a horse that she can stand beneath. Yes I know a Shetland pony would likely qualify in that category. But seriously to be able to stand upright under a horses makes a very tall horse. Her name is molly may. Molly is more than just tal. she is huge. manster hooves and a head that qualifies her to full Eddington status and all rights and accolades that go with it. Her head makes MINE look small. Her coat though dry right now is beautyiful and once we get her fed up she will be insanely beautiful. Ad to that the wondrous Cinderella and you have true love. She loves her daddy and is adamanet about him feeling it. Nothing like a horn numbe in the thigh to make a man feel important. She just knows when you need love and when you nead good pets gone bad violence on daddy. But it isnt only about the animals. Some time it is about someone in the families ability to express themselves. Juast look what Giovanni’s Verions of Stonehenge and other ancient masterpieces.Maybe he will grow up to be a Mason…..maybe he will be an artist…maybe something entirely different but here we have more than enough room to explore those dreams. He is even looking into a career in Graboid extermination. Who knows . Maybe he will be happy in his chose feilds.

Bovine Protection Agency…I still like my cow best.

I have a cow, but you know that. Her name is Cinderella and she goes by Cindy, but you know those things. You also know (if you have been following my blog) that she and I have a strange friendship. In fact I think she loves me. She is Uber sweet to me. She gives me kisses. she bumps me all the time, sometimes nearly knocking me over. Rhe rubs her horn nub into my thigh till it hurts. None of this is really all that remarkable. but today she has done two pretty neat things I think. I will tell you the second first.

Often when feeding Cindy she will bump me out of the stall head high to get in her stall and to her feed pan. Tonight she all but knocked me over and ran in head down snuffling and “growling” this is when I saw a mouse run out from under the side of the stall. She then moved over and let me in. I think she was protecting me from this evil rodent.

This morning I took my I pad to the barn with me to feed the animals. I wanted to have music but more than that I wanted to play Shfifty-five for Cindy as that is her ear tag number. Unfortunately no signal and i got neither so i laid my iPad on top of the hitching post outside the fence. while i was working with one of the horses i turned to catch cindy with my ipad in her mouth as she turned to leave. I think she is jealous of my iPad.

Ms. Molly May is A Hero

In the last entery I posted a link to pics of our new Girl. Her name is Molly May. Tonight I had her out on lead and thought I would walk her across the street and allow her to graze there. I brought Mik and Tariq along and put them on her back. Things were fine until she started batting her head around and stomping her front feet. Then she started to bolt. Thats when I was stung by the first bee. I hopped and mik yelped and molly tugged. I knew I had to get the boys off the horse but she was moving too much. I yelled in desperation ,”MOLLY STAND!”(I think I was trying to yell stand still.) Her legs locked and she stood their perfectly still taking stings while I got the boys off. Mik leaped down with his brother. I yelled for him to get them into the house. I hollered,”Come on Molly!” and she started running along side me toward the barn. I have no idea how many stings Molly took for us but I got 7, Mik got 3 on his ribs, and riqi got 1 on the back of his ear. I cannot imagine how much discomfort Molly is experiencing but I am on fire right now. There will be treats for her at feeding time tonight. She is a strong and solid lady who earned my respect tonight.