Ok I have had enuff.

That’s right. I said it. I said it clear and I meant it. I don’t want anymore cold. I can ride my horses. I always feel pressured to finish what I am doing and get back indoors so I never enjoy the little experiences like chasing my horses when the get out and eat my Amish neighbor’s wagon of corn feed and loving on my cow which I don’t even do cause its too darn cold. My car warms up WAY to slow to enjoy driving anywhere. I could put some cardboard and fix it but its to cold to wimp my wimpy wimpness out there and work to do it. I am ready for spring. I am ready for long horse rides and , driving the wagon, and breakin Bacon, lovins from Cindy the cow, going to the caves, plowing, planting, hanging with my Amish Homies. Just the General good times. Somebody ax the groundhog and bring me some spring! I wanna grill me some steaks while I stand in front of the grill instead of run in and out of the house.

Navajo Adobe Cliff Ground Bees

OK I know I made pretty much that whole name up and it is politically incorrect but you will see why when you watch the video. I (my yard under my deck.) has been invaded by ground bees. They look like bumble bees, I just don’t know. At first we were bent on eradicating them. Now, however after finding they are extremely non aggressive (i was able to get closeup video with them buzzing around me with no mishaps. My Amish neighbor says they are VERY helpful with pollinating tomatoes. Hence, They will live on their little reservation unmolested until such time as they decide to make war (i.e. sting me). If this happens I will drown them out and obliterate all traces of their existence. I hope we can honor our treaty better than the white man has honored his over the last 2 centuries.

I have pictures as well and they are uploaded but I have to do some behind the screens stuff to make them available and frankly, I am am too sick with this Bronchitis to have the energy to do it right now. I will get them linked for you soon.

Bee Pics.

Nut Frustration

OK I am NOT a handyman. I am not even remotely Handy. I wish I had a personal handyman to fix what I break. Unfortunately my wealth does not accommodate that dream. And so when Nyoka bent one of my mower blades nearly in half it fell to me to take it off. I dont mention that I must also replace it as I have not completed the take it off part. Neither of my 2 adjustable wrenches that would fit the nut will allow enough torque to turn it. So I borrowed a breaker bar from my Mechanic Aurthur Runyon(world class I might add). Problem is I don’t know the size of the nut. borrowed a 7/8 because it “looked” like it matched the adjustable. UIt was too small. I just spent 2 hours online looking through manuals and trying to get sears to tell me what the size of that nut is. Guess what? No help. I was just trying to avoid multiple trips to Arthur’s to guess at the size. I am tempted to ride my mower the 1 mile trip to Aurthurs tommorrow morning. I love the country. I love mowing. I hate maintenance. I am a Handy capable loser at being handy.

My Son Mik has an XBOX360. He likes the game Halo. If Halo IV is an average good Home Mechanic guy…..

….then the video below is me. I fear my manhood is in question.

Also ….the levell of annoyance that watching this video generates is right about 3 levels below my current state.

Kinman Farms

Hey You Guys! You may or may not remember my entry about the Kinman Farms Fall Festival last Fall.

Click To Visit Their Site

Well, I was up at Kinman farms yesterday looking for and talking to Aaron and found out a few neat things. Well first I found out they have a new website of there own. I am DYING to convince them to let me get my greasy little mitts in on their web design. I could finally do some web design for a friend and help someone out again. I am seriously chompin at the bit here. The other thing I learned is something that I don’t feel right telling ya. It’s Aaron’s little surprise. I suppose you’ll have ta try heading out to Kinman Farms yourself after April 20th to find out what it is. All I feel its OK to say is that it is REALLY neat. The reason I say after April 20th is that according to the Kinman Farms Site,”Kinman Farms flowers will be ready to sell April 20th. Come see all of our annual flat, hanging baskets, 1 gallon perennials, trees, and shrubs.” They go on to say,”Please remember that we grow all of our plants on our farm. This insures that the plants are hardy and suitable for our climate here!!” I can’t speak to the science behind this butt I will say this. We have bought our flowers and such from them the last few years and they are always FANTASTIC! So, be sure to check them out. Kinman Farms is located at 4175 Burlington Pike, Burlington, KY. For an arial view Check This. Ultimately….I tell ya ….It’s worth the trip.

Kinman Farms Fall Festival

Click Me

Well I finally Got the pictures all uploaded. Our trip to The Kinman Farms fall festival on Saturday really was a great time. We took Brian with us. There are pony rides, and there are pumkins to buy (as you saw in the picture from the earlier post). In addition there is a petting zoo and hayride fun anlong with a corn maze. The prices are really affordable and I know we had a really great time even though Mary got bit by one of the piglets. She made the mistake of putting her elbow up on the board of there pen while trying to pose with them and it tried to take a nibble out of her. Letf a nice little bruise too. But it really was loads of fun for the whole Family and located just 3 miles south of the Burlington Coaurt House on KY 18 its a nice country drive and a Great fall outing for any Family Group. I can also recocomend it as a place to get all of your fall household gardening needs. I mean Like mums and such.

Revenge of my Lawn Part Deux:The Iron Rod…Plantars…and sundry humor.

Well, I yet again set out to mow my lawn last night. But the mean old bugger had more traps in store for me. Current status of my Craftsman LT2000? Bent Blade. Culprit? A long piece of steel not unlike that pictured to the right. The story? Well, There I am, mowin along like a good Sean. I have mike standing between my legs, helping dad steer, being a good little son. All of a sudden Wham, BAM! Thud. Bluuuuuhhhh. The mower dies. I coast forward a bit. go back and look. There lays the demon steel . Blade took a hunk out of it but it bent the hell out of the blade. I tried to keep mowing and it still works but it bent the blade down and it every now and then catches the ground and digs one heck of a trench/divot out. so I had to stop. My lawn look ridiculous now. I have this huge area of tall tall grass, surrounded by an area of uneven cut grass filled with divots, surrounded by close cropped grass. I have to go and buy new blades for my mower tonight. The moral of the story? NEVERV LET YOUR GRASS GROW THAT TALL BETWEEN MOWINGS!

Revenge of my Lawn

I have a relatively new lawnmower. By relatively new, I mean I got it this Spring. So really….It’s new. Unfortunately, I am a slacker. I let my lawn get away from me. I usually LOVE to mow. I just haven’t in a while. last weeekend I mowed the back yard. This weekedn I had to extricate a steel cable from the blades and last night I was gonna mow. However, I had let the grass reach rather epic hights. something akin to that pictured to the left. Unfortunately, even though I had the girls come out and walk point (pick up all of the debri that would damage the mower or otherwise obstruct the mowing path.) They as well as I, were unable to see the massive ammounts of what appeared to be this rope that had grown throughout my yard. It was something akin in amounts ton what is pictured to the right( ok I exagerate). In essence however I spent the majority of my evening pulling the lawnmower back into the barn, laying down next to it and extricating rope frome a tangle in the blades and thus was unable to finish the lawn.

I have the POWER!….so FEAR ME! ….my weekend….updates on life around me…and other miscellanea…

Well my weekend was not too awfully bad. I ended up a tad under the weather Friday afternoon and for the most part slept it away. what am I saying? I slept the whole evening away after work. I came in. I laid down on my bed. At some point after dark, Mary woke me to take my meds and I went back to sleep. The next thing I remember was waking up Saturday morning. I must have really been worn out. I know i was flirting with losing my voice all day Friday at work and my allergies were giving me fits. So i must have needed the rest.

Par for course…..lawnmower Man…..My newest addition….a bit more weightloss and a positive outlook

Well, Everything seems to be moving along just Business as usual this past weekend with the vehicles. It turns out that the problem was not with the alternator OR the battery. So on the one hand his is good news. However, on the other hand we haven’t a clue what the problem actually is. Saturday morning we ended up having to have the car Towed back down to the garage for Monty to be able to take a look at it this morning. The oil was already so black Saturday that it looked like it had never been changed. Monty says that’s because it wasn’t being changed anywhere near every 3000 miles before. I suppose you could thing that I would be grinning like the cat who ate the canary but I am not. I am actually pretty embarrassed. And should be. It ridiculous that I cant get a car to run right now. Lord only knows where we go from here.