My rooster thinks he’s a dog.

It’s been a crazy weekend here in our house. Lots of turmoil and a mandated break from common technology for everyone in the house. Hope I haven’t let too many people down but at times like this family comes first. Just steeling some time away to post this on my IPAD. Well on to the fun part of the weekend.


Doo is the coolest rooster in the world. Johnnie Daniels’ Epsom salts have doo all kinds of mobile. He follows us up on the porch and dashes into the house whenever we open the door. He likes to sit in the middle of the floor and watch tv and LOVES to jump up in HIS chair.


His other doglike behavior that I just noticed is that he likes to exhibit is that he likes to hang around close by when I grill. You would think he would high tail it at the first wiff of barbecue. But, no, this chicken wants his fair Share. I love my animals.

Charlie to the rescue!

I got hacked. I am sure most of you already know first hand but I did. It was a very unpleasant experience but I did. I was hacked and hijacked and I no longer have the knowledge has the knowledge and skill to fix it myself. I called on old friends but still couldn’t solve the problem. Then I stumbled across Charlie’s ad on Craigslist. He helped me help myself, directed me to my host and helped me some more. I hope to become good friends with Charlie. I promise to tell more about Charlie in a later entry once I have met him in person.

Ok I have had enuff.

That’s right. I said it. I said it clear and I meant it. I don’t want anymore cold. I can ride my horses. I always feel pressured to finish what I am doing and get back indoors so I never enjoy the little experiences like chasing my horses when the get out and eat my Amish neighbor’s wagon of corn feed and loving on my cow which I don’t even do cause its too darn cold. My car warms up WAY to slow to enjoy driving anywhere. I could put some cardboard and fix it but its to cold to wimp my wimpy wimpness out there and work to do it. I am ready for spring. I am ready for long horse rides and , driving the wagon, and breakin Bacon, lovins from Cindy the cow, going to the caves, plowing, planting, hanging with my Amish Homies. Just the General good times. Somebody ax the groundhog and bring me some spring! I wanna grill me some steaks while I stand in front of the grill instead of run in and out of the house.

I Am Plumber MAN!


That’s right. You know it. I unclogged the kitchen sink drain pipe all by my self. It only took breaking two hand/drill augers, losing a freshly bought corded drill, 2 trips to lowes, 1 to Walmart, and 1 to harbor freight, but I did it. Yes me all me. Now I just have to get the stopped up toilet, Leakey toilet inlet valve, and water leak in the line out to the hydrant at the barn.

Credit must be given to the Google for helping me find a video on how to use a drum auger with drill attachment even if I still can’t find the drill.

A Letter to Momma


Above is a l;etter that Gio wrote to Mary. He was very Proud. He loves his momma VERY much! I mean after all, she is his momma.

Below is the conversation that followed Gio giving his momma this letter.

Gio: This is a pressent for you Mommy.

Mary: Oh GIO! This is very pretty. I love it. What does it Say?

Gio: I don’t Know. I can’t read.

Mary: Oh.

Gio: I figured you could read it.

Mary: Well Gio they are very nice letters.

Takin a break.

Ok. Anyone close to me knows that I firmly believe Facebook is the devil. Yes I have again said it. It brings out the worst in people. It addicts people. And in general, it makes me feel IKKY.

Well because of some recent posts by friends, family, friends of family, family of friends of friends of family, etc. I am going to take a break from Facebook. How long? I don’t know. At least a couple of months. I’m gonna aim for the end of lent. I just need some time away from seeing things that hurt and not being able to respond for fear of having my personal issues made public. I’ve been there before and don’t care to go back.

If you need to contact me, email me at You can also leave a voicemail using the send message thingy on the right side of the screen. Ill still be blogging. Hopefully I’ll get to blogging often again real soon. If I don’t do so beforehand….Merry Christmas.


The worse thing about being dumb

The absolute worst thing about being so dumb is the majority of the time you don’t know stuff. Thats right. You just don’t know. This means when you NEED to know stuff, then you have to ask someone else to help you or tell you. Normally this would mean an opportunity to meet someone new and make a new friend. Problem is….I get tired of only having my random dumbitude be the only thing I have in common with people. Its not that I don’t learn. I learn from the help I get. That need just never seems to come around again. Well, sometimes it does. I have pulled up a toilet at least 20 times. I learned that one good. The lord blesses me in my life so grandly that I have all these things I need to know in order to deal with it. Fior example…he sent me my horse Bacon. Bacon is not broke. Noah taught me to saddle and puts the reins on a horse and I barely know how to ride. How do I break a horse. The people I have asked all say “I used to do that but it’s to dangerous for a family man.” Lucky for me….I am DUMB. I will break the Bacon. Now if I can just find out how.