Tinkerbell has landed

Sometime 6 and 10 pm on December 7th, Cinderella gave birth to a beautiful black calf girl that my granddaughter has named Tinkerbell.



She was born on Joe’s farm. His wife Ida was first to see her.

She is very friendly. Not at all skittish. Even around dogs.

She is half angus, quarter Holstein, and quarter jersey.

We look forward to raising her up to be a big ol’ girl.

Ok I have had enuff.

That’s right. I said it. I said it clear and I meant it. I don’t want anymore cold. I can ride my horses. I always feel pressured to finish what I am doing and get back indoors so I never enjoy the little experiences like chasing my horses when the get out and eat my Amish neighbor’s wagon of corn feed and loving on my cow which I don’t even do cause its too darn cold. My car warms up WAY to slow to enjoy driving anywhere. I could put some cardboard and fix it but its to cold to wimp my wimpy wimpness out there and work to do it. I am ready for spring. I am ready for long horse rides and , driving the wagon, and breakin Bacon, lovins from Cindy the cow, going to the caves, plowing, planting, hanging with my Amish Homies. Just the General good times. Somebody ax the groundhog and bring me some spring! I wanna grill me some steaks while I stand in front of the grill instead of run in and out of the house.

Mama made me bread

Its too cool to explain but when you arrive home and Ida and the kids are at the house delivering a loaf of bread it takes you to a whole new world of bliss. No where do I know of this sort of generosity in the world today.

Short entry but Mary is home.