Being the Grandfather

At my age, many people dread being a grand father. I on the other hand cherish it.  I love my grands.


This for instance is my grandson Calvin Snow.  We are stylin and profiling in this picture.  I like it. I like it a lot,  it makes me feel cool.  I have lots to share with the little ones as they grow. Is awesome being the grandfather.

Feeling like a King

You know sometimes a man walks thru life and can feel pretty beat up. Unsure. Perhaps even dountrodden. And then along comes the woman he loves.

And, with out even knowing it, she makes him feel like a king. Not the born to a royal like, heir to the throne type. But, instead, the lucky as hell, married to the queen of his universe type. When she sends him a selfie like this, with a smile just for him, a simple thought in the drive-thru line for breakfast at McDonalds becomes a Royal bequeath to his heart, brightening his day and making all of his wrongs seem insignificant. I love you Mary. Through everything you truly are my queen. Thank you.

Change is afoot

imageThings a going well here at seeme farm. But many things are changing.  I’ve sold one horse and will be selling another (Kai is safe and going nowhere.).  This coming Thursday evening I am selling the remainder of my goats. After my little pig mommies have and rais their babies, all will be sold.  I will go into the late fall and winter with my chickens, a turkey, Kai, and Ziggy (the llama).  It’s in the interest of easing winter losses, workload and worry.  Also I can reseed the goat yard.  It will be a bit lonely out there but me and the hens will survive.

Curve Ball

Sometimes just sometimes, life is like a curveball…not even the pitcher knows where it’s gonna drop.


Now that can sound profound, or depressing, or all mysterious but for me it just is what it is.  I wake up, stand on the pitchers mound expect ion a glorious day and catch a fastball in the crack of my head.  Or, I crouched behind home plate expecting that 100 mph screamer that’s gonna peal my glove off and leave me in tears and a pop fly from nowhere right into my hand will win me the game.  And just to prove I still know nothing about sports…..I’ll stand on the fifty years line and use a slapstick to shoot a three pointer.

i love my kids and all there’s suprises.

i love my wife and all her strength (pick the kind Babydoll).

music quote

“I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.”


I’m dyin’ heeya

i am well aware that I am supposed to only post positives here but I gotta say it somewhere.  I had major dental work and it hurts.  Worse yet it’s slow healing and I have developed thrush. I feel for babies now.  I can’t shave because any pressure is excruciating.  So I look like a sack of turd droppings.  I don’t like pain killers so have been avoiding them.



On a brighter note, I did adopt a whole bunch of baby chickens and some baby ducks.  They are very cute if a bit loud.    Nora and Anderson should like them when they come to visit this weekend.

I ❤️ my wife

Sometimes I wax gushy about my wife Mary here. Obviously, this is going to be one of those times.  I’ll try not to go overboard.  image

This pic isn’t so recent.  It’s from our last Cozumel trip in summer 2015 but she sure was beautiful in it.   I can’t go into all I like in it cause some aren’t her favorite features suffice it to say I think my Mary is a beautiful woman and don’t want to embarrass her.

We out this weekend and she made me feel like a king and with out really trying I think she showed me I was the luckiest guy in town.  Something I don’t really need to be reminded but it feels good nonetheless.

I love you Babydoll and thank you for a great time!


Naming often becomes very significant the bigger you are here at SEEMEE Farm.

Two new horses have come home to live at our farm.  And some serious thought went into naming them.  Just as my other acquisitions.  Kai came with her name but it too proved to come with Native American roots that fit her personality.  Chaka I researche and found his native name and now Attah and NiNi.

Kai                             Kai       Hawaiian       Sea                Mustang   Mare
Navajo           Willow Tree
Chankawahtaneh   Chaka  Sioux.            Good Road  Apaloosa  Gelding
Ahtahkakoop           Attah  Cree               Star Blanket Leopard App Mare
Nûñnë’hï                   NiNi   Cherokee      Walker.          TWH        Mare      .                                                                      Spirit People

Seems complex but it works in MY head.  Attah is a sickly girl and is going to require a lot of love, attention, and care to save.  I met with the vet several times before I brought her home.  This is a challenge I want to face.  I want to make her my special girl.  She will be my star blanket when the nights are hard.

image image

She is such a sweet girl.  Slow moving and loves the little guys.  Sweet as a flower.

Next we have the mighty NINi.  She is Proud and strong and graceful… And yet… Somehow just as sweet.  She loves human touch.  She is eager to please and follows a guiding hand.  Loves…and I mean LOVES  to ape for the camera.  A real selfie girl is she.


image image

NiNi is a high stepping showgirl with a proud and beautiful bearing. Gaited and smart I hope she will be willing to work with me through my riding lessons and attempts at become a better rider for ALL of my horses.

So join me and welcoming these to members of the family to the farm.



Textile Addition on the Farm

Yup.  Another addition.  One I agreed to take on several months ago from my neighbor James Emerson whenever he was ready for her to go.  Then he appeared on my doorstep today.   So now she is here in all her glory. James assured Mary that she could take a look at her and if she didn’t like her we could eat her.  Mary assured him if she took a look at her we would NOT BE EATING HER.  and, as she has looked at her AND she likes her, we will not be eating her and she will be staying.


I decided to call her Spandex.  Since our male is Speck (turns out that’s  German for bacon. Not intentional on my part for sure. I was going for Pee Wee Herman’s Dog).  Together, they are Speck and Spandex.  Besides, look at her. She got a hot piggy body.

Spandex is also very friendly.  Loves to snuffle toes.  And even likes being pet a lot.  My kind of addition.

God blesses SEE ME Farm again.

Why don’t I think like a MAN? (Insert grunting here)

OK.  Let me preface my comments by saying that I am not whining. And, while I do believe a more traditional testosterone driven thought pattern would simplify much in my life, I am both content and happy with me the way I am.  Secondly lent me say that as I point out others reactions to my eccentricities, I am not judging them or finding any fault.  I am merely making observations of what I perceive to be normal males.

I’ve lived in this house for a little over 2.5 years.  For nearly 2 years of that our ice maker did not work. Why?  There was a leak in the water line to it.  I knew exactly where the leak was.  We went without because I was intimidated by the prospect of replacing the entire waterline.  Moving out appliances, snaking line without crimping and causing a new leak.  I eventually hired my Amish neighbor and best friend Joe to do it.  I bought the entire replacement kit.  He opened it pulled 3 prices, cut out the leak, and spliced the ends back together. Total labor time? 15 minutes testing and all.  Why didn’t my brain think of this? Was I embarrassed? No, it’s Joe. He knows I’m not right.

I’ve been trying to buy some tobacco sticks for use As tomatoes takes for two weeks now.  Then something in my brain hiccuped and said u have a miter saw and a huge pile of cedar 1 x 2 scraps……make your own.  So that’s what I did this evening.  All by myself.  No help.  And I can still count to 10 on my hands.  I am so excited.   I wanna tell someone… To brag.  Unfortunately,  not to many people get excited when a grown man uses his own power tool to cut a stick.  

Sean:  Dad! I used my miter saw to cut tomato stakes all by myself!

Dad: (pregnant pause) uhhhhh…that’s good.

It just doesn’t seem to work no matter how you play it.  I could tell Joe.  He gets me or maybe just feels sorry for me.  He pushes me to develop man brain.  Even told me he would not build me a barn door.  Says I have to start doing things for myself. And I’m gonna build that door too. You watch and see.  A barn door is ALLOWED to be crooked.

Speaking of pregnant, this is a picture of my 8 month pregnant daughter Brontë weeding her green beans while I drove my tomato stakes today.


And these are cookies that Joes wife Ida made and gave me in trade for eggs that my chickens laid and I gave her.  I think I got the long end of that deal.  I love her cookies.


A sad tail of good hopes and loss.

On friday i was given a very pretty Jersey cow that was down.  This means she was not able to stand up.  The hope was that threw the use of straps, a tree, a special tool that hooks to her hip bones, and a come alond we would be able to suspend her on her feet and help her regain circulation and use of her limbs since they all seemed intact.


Starting Friday evening, we got her up.  A very strenuous process began.  2 hours up 2 hours down with it taking about 45 minutes to move her each time around the clock.  But, she was a trooper and cooperated without too much distress even when I worked in the dark.  

By Saturday early afternoon she had full use of her front legs but still nothing in her entire rear.  Her backbone looked angled funny too.  By sundy evening we were suspecting a spinal injury and our prognosis had become very guarded as she had developed a rapidly progressing case ove bloat (swelling in the belly).

Sunday morning when i went out to raise her up again she had worked free of the straps and had dragged herself/rolled about 30 yards down the hill.  Her bloat was very bad and she was stressing very much.  By hand i pulled her around so he head faced uphill and began making preoerations to help her end her suffering. A neighbor with a skid steer will help me bury her.

My source for a gun was at church but when i went back out later she had passed.  Yes.  If pets cros the rainbow bridge i guess my little 800 lb cow girl patient has crossed the golden arches.  You know i jokingly referred to her as my Hamburger (never in her presence.) cause she was beef on the ground. But my hamburger….may the angels who milk you ever have warm hands.  I got close to you trying to save you.