It’s been a while but it’s Apple’s fault.  An Update.

well I know I blew threw like a month with no blog entries.  It’s not my first time but This time it’s not MY fault.  iOS 8.3. Has my keyboard orientation really messed up and lots of times I cannot see what I am typing.  So I haven’t typed.  Still not fixed but trying.


Good news and bad news…

Bad news….

I sold My calf Tinkerbell.

Goats ate a whole thru my fence. Not uncommon.  But a local beagle came in and I lost 16 chickens.

For this and other reasons I dropped down to 1 rooster, Chauntecleer. 

Good news….

I got a new Naked Neck Rooster, Cleetus.

Good News….

I got the worlds ugliest rooster. A silky bantum that i named Cecil.


Good News….

I rebuilt my fence clampet style.(pic to come later)

Good news…

We got a lil piggy.  His name is Speck ast Pee Wee Hermqn’s dog. We also found out later this is thr German word for Bacon.


 Good news…

We got a rooster named Stephani.

Good news…

I named my polish chick Eddie after Eddie and the Cruisers.


The things a father does…

…for his goats……I mean for his kids….. I mean for his children.  Ok, it’s for the goats but the children will use it too.

I got this for free off of Craigslist today. I am putting it up for my goals and children to play on.  My little ones never it had it so good before.  I knew there was a way my family would benefit from owning goats!

Farming 101 lesson #72

The chicken coop “chicken door” must be left in the open position prior to darkness in order to avoid excessive amounts of unnecessary extra work.

Earlier today I had Mik kick the lazier chickens of our flock out of the coop and shut the coop door so that we could ensure that they would get enough food, water, and treats.  Unfortunately we forgot to open the door back up.  This resulted in …instead of mik just shutting the door to close in the already roosting chickens in…both of us having to go out and individually locate, capture, and place each chicken on the roosts. The difficulty comes into play when we have to climb the tree and get the chickens that have rooster there(possums and raccoons can climb trees).

Lesson learned. Fun had. Father/son experience experienced.

My eggs…other benefits of the farm life and strike a pose.

you remember my hen Emma. She’s one of me new hens,  I introduced you to her.  She’s a handsome girl.   


Emma is what they call an Easter Egger chicken or sometimes incorectly ( as she doesn’t actually meet any breed standard) Ameraucana or Auracana chicken.  The point I am getting to is what makes her most special. Her breed lays eggs in one of many shades of blue.  Emma’s shade is a very particular Tiffany shade of blue I think.  Because of it, I think it rounds out our egg haul quite nicely.   


Now, I think this little gif reminds me very much of my boys and if they ever asked I would actually find a way to build em a rodeo ring and pen just so the COULD do it.


Just to be annoying dad I am throwing this last shot up.  She looks so cut don’t you think. 


A hen pecked update and some 3 legged fun

One particular breed is all I need to complete my current hen menagerie wish list. That would be a White Leghorn. But, I have begun the exciting process of naming my hens.  At least those hens that are of physical distinction enough to rate a name.


Ida Mae, Patsy, and, Diane.  Note the resemblance?


Louise. Another hair color match in my humble opinion.


Eva.  Sometimes they won’t cooperate for a face shot.


Laura. This one is usually feisty but saw the camera and stpped to pose.


Emma. Bold.  No hiding in her.


Linda. Keeps sneaking up on me and running away cackling. I always have to keep an eye out on this lady.


Helen.  Keeps the roosters in order. Chases them when they get out of line.



Lucille.  Sweet and friendly but was hell on wheels around the chicks when I picked her up.  Just an all round different girl. I mean look at her. 


Nellie. Pretty small.  Skinny little legs.  Always around when there is something goin on.  Always something goin on when Nellie is there. But she never seems to start it.  Is just there to watch.  

I have more hens. Will name more as there personalities show. Just you wait and see.

And now for Tripoli’s table dance.

Gloria Nueve

First, that is NOT her middle name. It just means something to me.  Here are ultrasound pics from from yesterday’s ultrasound to go with the heart beats.



She is definitely gonna be a thumb sucker just like her momma.  Kind of neat I think.   

I picked up a new pack n play yesterday after the ultrasound. Preparations are moving along.  Baby shower soon come, mon.

The unveiling and something special…

well yesterday I showed you a picture og Dino egg from my chickens.  Today I unveiled the contents of said egg.  Here ya go.

And on a similar note. Ok not similar but sort of related.  I have had 8 children. In 8 children I have never managed to record the heartbeat.  Well the ultrasound tech today at Bronte’s ultrasound said I could not take pictures. So I used video to capture Gloria’s heartbeat.  Yay me for being such a rebel.

My chicken is an over achiever.


One of my new hens laid this egg.  That is a store bought Large egg for comparison.  So far the eggs have been roughly the same size as that store bought egg.  One of my girls wants to solidify her place in my chicken community.  As far as I am concerned, since I have no I idea who laid it, they are all lookin pretty long term residentish to me.  From what I have read there could be one yolk inside, 2 or more yolks, or even a complete other egg inside.

The dentist as a child

When I was a child going to the dentistst usually began with storm clouds rolling in, the earth shaking, the boogie man coming out of my closet, the monster reaching from under my bed, the class bully knocking at my door, and my football coach telling me to drop.  It was a nightmare I say, I total nightmare.

Well, at Sky Dentistry here in Bowling green, Ky that has changed.


Dr Ashley and her staff make it a wonderful experience for kids and scaredy dads alike.  See Tariq happily complying with his examination in this modified JEEP examination chair?   I would recommend this office to anyone.