Curve Ball

Sometimes just sometimes, life is like a curveball…not even the pitcher knows where it’s gonna drop.


Now that can sound profound, or depressing, or all mysterious but for me it just is what it is.  I wake up, stand on the pitchers mound expect ion a glorious day and catch a fastball in the crack of my head.  Or, I crouched behind home plate expecting that 100 mph screamer that’s gonna peal my glove off and leave me in tears and a pop fly from nowhere right into my hand will win me the game.  And just to prove I still know nothing about sports…..I’ll stand on the fifty years line and use a slapstick to shoot a three pointer.

i love my kids and all there’s suprises.

i love my wife and all her strength (pick the kind Babydoll).

music quote

“I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.”


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